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D.T. for Friday--free poptarts!

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Well, if anyone brings poptarts, that is? Debra? Adrienne? You know Bodlover is here, and I want her to make an appearance, so I stretched the truth just a tiny bit! It's a beautiful, but very warm day in PA, and I am a very happy camper because our friend is back for another day! Rhea-----Where are you???
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I'll bring the wildberry poptarts! I don't know about anyone else, but I was going thru Bodlover withdrawals! Too bad for Bod to have to work, but lucky for us she is here! Hubby is off work today - I hate having to go to work and leaving him asleep- I should have the day too.
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I have a package of strawberry left!
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HEY!!! WHat!??!!??! You mean there wasn't REALLY any PopTarts?!?!?!?!? You dragged me away from my book and there WERE'NT any!?!?!?!? Well, all I can say is its a good job Sabra has got soem left, or you'd be in biiig trouble Jeanie..... biii biiig trouble.....

Well, its been absolutely DEAD here today..... the football was on again, and (we lost... shhhh... people here are very sensitive about it) everyone is walking around like they're all about to die or burst into tears....(sheesh... its only a GAME!! hahaha... that ought to really annoy the big footie fans... :laughing: ) so the day has been dragging on and on and ooooon..... and I have rooms to paint!! How inconsiderate!!! :LOL:
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Bringing in 3 tons of hay, so will have to be bucking those suckers till the sun goes down. The bales weigh 118 pounds this year instead of the customary 60. I can feel my aching muscles now. We do have help with some of the neighborhood boys coming in so that will be good. Yesterday we went to get shavings for the horse's stall. I did a full cleanout and now they are in fresh shavings and loving every minute of it. The mill shuts down mid-winter and just now reopened, and you can get free cedar shavings, but you have to load them yourself. Mike just drives the tractor over there and I follow with truck and trailer and we load it then go home. I have that to unload as well today.

McKenzie and company are doing great. I finally got MacSter to eat the kitty gruel and lay off of nursing mom. They have finally moved themselves out of the closet and are now laying in the middle of the floor on some blankets I laid out for them. This morning when I went up, I found MacSter curled up in an old easter basket tucked away on one of the shelves, it was so cute. They are big enough now to navigate the stairs, so the baby gate has been put away. Mom is trying to show them how to use the litterbox- but so far the floor is the preferred choice. They are a bit to little for me to be stressing out on the fact that they are pooping outside the box.

I am feeling better with each passing day, but I so still have to pace myself and not overdo. It has majorly hot lately but there are rumors a storm is coming in. I hope it stays away long enough for us to unload the new crop of hay.

Trav and Racer are doing great being back together again after so long apart. Trav has no evidence of any manners that I so painstakenly taught him so long ago, and yesterday while I was cleaning his feet, the little poop kicked me. I kicked him back (not that you can hurt a horse kicking him with a tennis shoe on) and I told him that it was UNACCEPTABLE to kick me. I was close enough to him that it didn't hurt me, but heck, he hasn't kicked anyone since he was 6 months old. So back to kindegarten with him and ground manners. I will not have a horse that kicks!

Well my neighbor just dropped off a big pail of strawberries from his garden, so I guess I know what I am doing before breakfast, putting up strawberries. Everyone have a great day!
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I am so tired! I could just keel over and take a nap right now. Hubby has his second to last dentist appointment today; he was telling me (in his cute little way) that I should call in sick so I could go to the detist with him :laughing:

My scanner should be arriving any day now, so you know what that means.......... I'M GOING TO BE ABLE TO POST PICTURES!!!!!!! I'm so excited, I can't wait! I'll be able to show off Toonces, Patches, Buttons and the canines Sam & Libby (once I get the dog pictures developed, I have tons of kitty pics)!

I got my Dr's. Foster & Smith Catalogs in the mail and just got finished looking through them (shhh, don't tell anyone here at my job)! Gosh, talk about some neat stuff, I just wish I were rich so I could have it all (or rather, so my pets could have it all )
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Thak God it's Friday! The air conditioner for our building "blew up" last night, so it's really hot in here (all the equipment we have puts out a lot of heat). I was supposed to run some experiments, but someone turned the machine I was using off last night, so those are ruined. Thankfully, the sales rep for one of the large research materials company is taking our lab out for lunch today, to the Mongolian Barbeque. For those not familiar with it, you fill a bowl with different meats, veggies and sauces. Then, it's cooked on a large metal disk, and ends up like a fancy stir-fry. And, if it stays too hot, we can go home early!

I hope everyone has a nice weekend!
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Christy, No air conditioning--today? You're the next door neighbor to PA, of course, and our temp. today will be around 88 degrees! Of course you're on the lake, so that might help a bit. I hope so. Boy, are we spoiled? Absolutely!

The soccer game (yes, I'm whispering)--yes, we both lost, Rhea. We were hoping for a game against England. Well, I guess your team is a powerhouse, but this is unusual for us. Congratulations to both teams for a good job.
Sabra, I'm really happy for you. A scanner should be great fun! And Hissy, it doesn't sound to me as if you're really taking care of yourself. Try to slow down a bit!
Have a great weekend, everyone!
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Yes Hissy, please take it easy! I've been wondering, how did you get Trav back?
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The gal who took him from me called last week out of the blue and said she wanted to sell him back to me. I was stunned as she did a lot of underhanded things to get him from me in the first place, but with some doing, I was able to buy him back. Now he is back where he belongs and he won't be going anywhere for as long as I live anyway!

And I am taking it easy honest, I still have half a load of chips to unload, and the hay is going to be wrestled by young teens with lots of muscles. I will just be sitting on a bale supervising and feeling guilty as hell for not helping.
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Happy Friday!

Oh, I so don't want to be here today. Everyone has been real grouchy for the whole week, but it was really bad yesterday. Not only the people here, but almost everyone calling was almost rude, and the salespeople were even worse. It wore off on me, too. You can't be around that much negativity and stay postitive very long. Even hubby was snappish last night. Maybe it's all the smoke around town, I don't know.

It is supposed to be hot all weekend - in the 90s for at least the next 5 days. YUK!

Everyone stay cool, if possible. Mary Anne - take care of yourself, and slow down! The world won't stop if you don't get everything done. And thanks for the updates on MacKenzie and her family. I feel like they are community kittens!
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I have a three day weekend and it's been rainy and stormy since early evening Thursday. Poor Snowball is terrified of this kind of weather and he has spent a lot of time hiding in a corner of the bathroom. Unfortunately for Snowball, we might have even more thunderstorms later on today. A while ago, I went into the bathroom and started spraying cleaner on the bathtub, Snowball is such a nervous wreck right now that even THAT made him jumpy.

Rhea, I thought you were on vacation getting settled into your new house and enjoying yourself. Are you at WORK instead?????
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Heidi, I think it's the smoke, really. Around here everyone is tired and kind of 'out of it'. We're blaming it on the smoke haze that's blocking the sun. Hotter than Hades out, also... a nice big rainstorm would be SO nice right now!

I went clothes shopping for some new jeans to wear to work... ended up with new shirts to wear out. Isn't that the way it's supposed to work??

We're getting ready for the Strawberry Days Celebration going on all weekend. We might stop in and have a beer on the way home from work, and wander through the carnival, but I'll be spending tomorrow afternoon and evening at the park with my friend, and that should be lots of fun! Can't wait!
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If I could send you guys some rain I would. Between 7 a.m. and noon today we had 3 or 4 thunderstorms that came one right after the other amd the ground was already saturated. There is a river in my town which is normally really shallow, but the river started getting backed up and now it has gone over it's banks. The police have just done an emergency broadcast asking for people to come and help sandbag. BTW, the part of town I live in is not endangered by the river. I have to go, I'm going to check out the flooding situation.
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We got to 105 today. Work was crazy, as usual. Bill had his appt. with the lung doctor. He has emphysema AND asthma. He's tolerating and responding well, to his current meds, so they're not going to change anything. I don't smoke, in the house so, he should be OK. Heard from AOL. I'm not what they're looking for but, I'm free to re-apply, in a year. I guess I'll keep on with Walgreen's, until my VA pension starts. Working all weekend and will have to put up with the drunken idiots and kids with no ID. All of you folks, with normal jobs: have a good weekend.
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