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About kitten safety

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This might be a dumb question, but I'm an overthinker.

I have Veruca's dry kitten food in the room with her and her 4 week old kittens. Can the kittens choke on this food if they try to eat it? I put her water bowl up on the bathroom counter because I was also worried about the kittens falling in and drowning. Am I worrying too much?
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At 4 weeks old, I would allow the kittens to have access to water. They usually learn for themselves pretty fast that they don't want to stay inside water. At this age they will take sips to discover how to drink it. Sometimes it goes up their noses, but they figure it out and usually start to drink at around this age. If you are concerned about drowning, I would just make sure that the water is not deeper than the kittens in height!

I always have had kittens with dry food nearby. They usually ignore it and when old enough try to chew it. I have never had one choke, but I guess theoretically I wouldn't say impossible. I think it would be highly unlikely. Royal Canin's "Baby Kitten" formulation has very, very small bites, even smaller than most other dry kibbles. You can consider that if truly concerned. I assume the kittens will be fine. All of my 3-5 week old kittens have had access to Mom's food, but have never had a problem.
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Yeah, Royal Canin's Babycat kitten food is a godsend for the wee babies.

Good luck with the babies
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My foster kittens always have access to dry food and water by that age. I do put the bowls on a large plastic lid, because they will walk through the water, spill the food, etc. It becomes a terrible mess unless you can sanitize!

Other things, like wires, little plastic pieces they could choke on, scoopable litter...keep things like that away from kittens.
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