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Good luck USA

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I'm currently watching the USA v Germany football match, in the quarter finals of the World Cup. Score 0 - 0 at the moment.

Is it being covered in the States? Does anyone take any notice of it?

Bad news for my team, Ireland, who were knocked out on Sunday. And poor England (he! he!) were beaten by Brazil this morning.
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Germany 1


Germany scored in the 38th minute of the match - ages to go yet
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Seems USA is getting chances and not finishing. Taking Donovan out may have been a good idea...

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Thanks for the update - it is playing in Canada, but I am nowhere near a TV - I want to move one to my desk at work, but for some reason they won't allow it!

I have picked Senegal from the get go to win, but they are the major underdogs. I would love to see a Senegal/Korea final because I feel they have been playing the best and with the most heart. Thee Korean who scored the winning goal against Italy plays professionally for an Italian team. He has been fired for playing so well against Italy! That just doesn't seem fair!
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I'm getting a text play-by-play while at work. Seems the USA is frustrated and earning A LOT of fouls with some players in danger of not playing...(4) yellows in a row for USA, (3) players with two yellows already...

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Damned Brits couldn't hold their own against the Brazilians either. I think a USA-ENG match might have been interesting...

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The Italians blamed everyone for their loss to Korea! Sour grapes.

Only 10 minutes left - USA are making some good chances, but just not getting the ball in the back of the net.......
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Bill you are right - that would have been an interesting final. The media was saying that the USA and Germany match would probably be an ugly on - I hope they don't get any red cards!
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I got up early to watch the England Brazil match, and England were rubbish in the second half.

I fancied Portugal to win, until they were on the "plane of shame". Obviously no career for me as a football pundit.

Go on USA! Attack, attack, attack!
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flim: Thanks for the support!

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Augh! Only 3 minutes of stoppage time!

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Well played USA.

Final score Germany 1 USA 0
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Damn, damn, damn! So close...outshot the Germans, but committed too many fouls...

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Sorry Bill - it would have been great if they could have moved forward! My team is still in though! Go Senegal - I think it would be great if they could win in their 1st World Cup appearance. I just don't want Brazil to win.
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Oh what a shame. I did so want the US to get through. Sadly England lost to Brazil this morning also (well - it was this morning here when they played, got into work for 8am to watch it).

There's really nobody left to support now. I think it will be a Germany/Brazil final and Brazil will win.

Hey Ho. Let's wait and see what 2006 brings!!

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Mmmmmm - Senegal v Turkey. I'll join you in rooting for Senegal.
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