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Odd behavior

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Several times my cat has jumped onto the bed and rubbed his backside on it. By that I mean, he sits down and kindof walks forward on his front legs a few steps. Then he'll turn around and lick where he's been. Has anyone else seen their cat do this? What's this behavior about?
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He's draining his anal glands - unfortunately on your bed
I had a kitty that did that but it was only on the floor. The "scooting" action is actually expressing the glands and then - yuck - licks the stuff that comes out. The vet can show you how to express them before he has a chance to jump on your bed
Some kitties need a little help with them I guess! Good luck!

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Normally anal glands are drained when kitty goes #2 but sometimes this does not happen as it should. Please have the Vet check them and express them before they become impacted - which is not good (trust me on this one - I am speaking from experience!!!
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