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What breed catagory

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Now I have no plans to breed Kirra by any means, just want to clarifie that now, she is being spayed once she reaches 2#. But i was looking over kitty insurance the other day and they ask breed even when the cat is mixed. I have no clue lol all i know is her color pattern is a tortishell but not weither or not she is a domestic short hair, medium hair, american shorthair ect.

here is miss kirra

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From your picture, I would just say either "tortoishell mixed shorthair" or "domestic shorthair". I don't see any medium/long hair on your kitten
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Another vote for DSH. She's a doll.
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Awww...she is a doll....she looks like my Pandora.
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She's a beauty.

It's a pity they don't let you write 'Moggie' isn't it? We went with DSH on our vet's advice, even though Molly isn't exactly a short hair.
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awwwwwwwww It reminds me of my little Isis!
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