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Sensei Wawa

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My 5 orphan kittens are in the stage where everything is worth exploring. My neutered boy Wawa amazed me the other day when he caught a live lizard, and gave it to the orphan kittens to play with. I know that teaching kittens to hunt is the mommy cat's job so it was a surprise to see my male doing it. I have 3 spayed females. Skinny will have nothing to do with the kittens, Joji just ignores them and QT plays with them if she is in the mood. It is Wawa who has been most attentive to them. Is this a rare behavior?
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Nah, I don't think it is strange at all. I post at a different forum and someone there has a male dog, along with a cat that just had kittens not long ago. The dog has adopted the kittens as his own and always wants to cuddle with them much to the mommy cat's dismay, LOL Her dog is totally obsessed with those baby kittens. It's like he is their "mom". He's always grooming them and herding them together so they don't wander off.

Some animals have more "maternal" or "paternal" instinct than some others. Sometimes a mother cat will even abandon her babies for no reason.
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Wawa is doing an excellent Daddy job!

When Molly came to live with us, she was quite young (younger than Tibby, but a pretty small age gap) and Tibby taught and cared for her! He even plays the Dad card with Willow sometimes too!
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