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Questions about ear mites

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I started noticing brownish gunk in my kittens outer ear. I'm not sure if its ear mites or his ears are just dirty. From what I read its most likely ear mites.. but I'm still not sure.

Is there a way to get rid of it without seeing a vet? I don't have the money at the moment and my parents probably won't pay for it.

Is there a chance that it would just go away on its own? :o

I will be able to get enough money in a few weeks but by then I'm afraid it might get worse.
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Your cat needs to go to his vet to have a sample of this substance in his ears tested under a microscope to confirm ear mites. Then, he will be given drops to put in the ears once or twice a day which should eliminate the mites. Leaving this untreated can have negative consequences for your kitty.
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If there is any way I would take your kitten to the vet ASAP. Untreated earmites can cause lots of problems for your kitty. A couple months ago there was a cat at my vet that had earmites/infection left untreated and became paralized because of it. I know that's an extremely rare but I wouldn't want to take the chance.

Also, I don't know if you have any other pets but earmites are contagious and easily spread.
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I can't remember who gave out this link, but it was one of the fine long time members of this community. I copied it down, so here is a link about what to do if you can't afford a vet:


It's so easy to fix this now, but mites can cause more expensive, troubling problems for you pet. Mites can move to other areas of the animal's body too.

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