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Help if you can...leg amputation

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My beautiful cat Bella (12 1/2 yrs old) has lung cancer and it is stable no symptoms at all...she is on chemo. About a month ago she started limping real bad (her left back leg)then it got to the point she was not using the leg at all but kept it tucked up to her body. We had an x-ray taken and comparing it to a previous x-ray could see there was bone deterioration and virtually no heel left, we are assuming it's cancer but it could be bone infection. Lung cancer supposedly does not go to bone cancer in cats...according to my vet. So we are to assume that it was in the leg first. So anyway Friday June 30, 2006 she had her leg amputated to give her a good quality of life for however long she lives because bone cancer is so very painful. Unfortunately the leg was useless. She seems to be doing great but she stays under the bed, everytime I go near her she purrs and rubs her head on my hand and licks me. I am just concerned that shes not trying to walk or come from under the bed. She looks amazing really, am I just overreacting or expecting too much from her, we do have 3 other cats maybe shes afraid they will hurt her although shes the boss and they never have..I am totally freaking out, if anyone has been through this please let me know how it went and if they stayed hidden for a while etc... thanks in advance!!!
This is my beautiful girl!!!
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Awwwwww. Dear, sweet Bella. I don't really have any advice or input other than to say that she's a beautiful girl - and I'm so glad she has you for a mom.
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She is probably just worn out from everything. Generally they are up the next day and moving around with no problems. But with chemo, and cancer followups her immune system is probably low. I would let her rest, but call the vet and ask his advice. I have had a cat with an amputation and the next day you couldn't tell Tazzy lost a leg.
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She is truly a beauty! Sending all our hugs and vibes and prayers your way.
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I haven't been through that exactly, but we had a cat that had a dislocated tail that hurt her a lot. She laid low for about 2-3 days, so I would give her a few days to get back to normal. If she's eating and glad to see you, I think that is a positive sign.
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