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My new Kitty needs prozac?

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I just got my 3 month old Kitten from the shelter yesterday and I'm already worried about him. I have been giving him constant affection and laser focus on his comfort level, but he seems so anxious most of the time (the tip of his tail twitches while straight up, is that a sign of anxiety?) and he kneads his claws into my arm while searching for a nipple to suck on. I think he may have been separated from his momma too early. And tonight, he crawled off the bed where he was lying beside me and curled up in the hard, dark wooden cubby-hole of my night stand. The mesh makes it look a lot like a cage. Is he depressed? Could he be lonely despite my constant presence and affection? What can I do for him? Would another kitten to play with do it? How can I find out if that would make him happy?
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I would suggest that you give it a little more time. Your kitten is probably just adjusting to his new home and will more than likely be fine with just a little patience and the passage of time.

Best of luck,

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It sounds like normal kitten behavior to me. Give her a couple more days and she will be just as wild and affectionate as any other kitten.

Oh...I agree that a companion kitten would be a great help. People tend to think of cats as loners, but they do love to have another kitten around to play and cuddle with.
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First I want to say it's normal for a kitten in new surroundings to feel nervous for the first couple of days. The kitten needs some time to adjust and feel comfortable in your home. A companion kitten would be a good way to prevent your kitten from becoming too lonely if you are usually away from home for most of the day. Two kittens aren't much more work than one, and it's a lot of fun to watch two young cats or kittens playing together.
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Thanks for the reassurance guys! I'm gonna go pick out a little girl kitten at the shelter tomorrow for him. Maybe I should take him along so he can choose himself. What are the chances he won't get along with a female his own age?
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My kittens took a week to even venture out from behind the sofa when I first got them. I had to put their food and litter tray behind there. Now they rule the house. I think yours will be just fine with such a loving owner.
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