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Ok there must be something wrong with my cat or she is wierd. Ok it started a couple of days ago. When you pet Birdie by the tail she start to lick her nosie a LOT!!! is like she is tring to say something. If you go to youtube.com and put in cats. And see a picture of a tabby cat brown is not orange. And you watch it birdie does the samething!!! I wish I can put it up but my computer is not working right today.
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It could be a nervous disorder/condition. My oldest cat as she got older started to frantically groom herself if you brushed or stroked her on the back or sides close to her tail or her hind legs. She never did that when she was younger.

I keep meaning to ask the vet about it, but it doesn't appear to be anything serious. More like a reflex or something and only when she's being brushed or patted in particular areas.
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There's nothing wrong with her (frantic grooming), it's normal and common, and the fact she only started when she was older doesn't mean anything special.
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