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Hmmmmmm, whats wrong with Zeek.

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First off, I cant tell you all how thankful I am that I have finally found a web forum like this one you folks have going here and I really hope I can contribute.

I hope someone can help me shed some light on what could be wrong with my cat, I left the house at about 9am this morning and Zeek (my cat) was just fine. I came home at about 4pm and he was moping around and sleeping behind the TV, which is odd since he is a very social cat. Now hes just been moping around the house and sleeping. I have noticed he has vomited today as well.

He also has a lump on his stomach, its something he has had for well over 4 years. Hes been to the vet for other things and they never mentioned anything about it so I just assumed it was some fat. Hes a Tabby and I know other Tabbys that have the same thing. But today once I got home I just did a little poking and feeling on Zeek and the lump almost feels soft and he gets irritated when its touched.

Anybody happen to have any insight into what could be wrong with Zeek? Tomorrow is a holiday and I wont be able to get him to a vet for another day or two.

Thanks in advance.....
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Could Zeek have eaten something he shouldn't have?
It sounds like it may be a good idea to call for an emergency appointment by the way he's acting.
I've seen on this forum the frightening things that can happen to our little furballs in a very short time when not attended to quickly.

I hope you have him bright and perky real soon.
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Welcome to TCS! I have no words of wisdom for you, but just wanted to welcome you and let you know that someone will be along soon to answer your questions, I'm sure!

Big hugs to you and Zeek! Hope he's better soon!

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I wanted to mention that there are a couple really fantastic ER vet clinics in Calgary - depending on where you are in Calgary. I really like the one in Shawnessy ... let me grab the number 254-5900 they are open 7 days a week/ 24 hours a day, including holidays.

I hope it's nothing serious, sending positive thoughts to Zeek.
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Check him for fever and then call the vet. Generally they will ask you as the first question, is he running a fever?

It could be anything, and even during holidays there are emergency numbers you can call if just to get advice. For an example if this "lump" in his stomach is something he swallowed (cats are notorious for eating foreign objects) it could be causing an obstruction and be quite serious. Better safe than sorry, I would call your vet and talk to who is on call for the weekend.
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Thanks for the speedy replies and warm welcomes...

See what has me wondering is the fact that our other cat KoKo kind of went through the same thing about a week ago, she was vomiting and moping around and we took her into the Vet and all that was done to her was she was given an IV to rehydrate her and she kept overnight and then she was fine in the morning.

I have no idea what it could be, our cats dont go outside, and we have 4 plans in our house and they are all the same type of plant and they are cat friendly. After KoKo went through her inceident I went through the house and couldnt find anything. The ONLY thing I can think of it we have toilet fresheners that contain a blue liquid and hang on the toilet rim perhaps a toilet lid was left up and they drank out of the toilet??

as for the lump, its not in his stomach its between his stomach and skin I always just thought it was a little beer belly.

whats the best way to check a cat for a fever?? i have never done it before.
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Hope your kitty is just fine. Everyone here is very helpful to us newbie cat owners. I learned alot from this site..more than I have gotten out of any of the vets !

What IS a normal temp for a cat?
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Best way to check your kitty is a digital thermometer, it goes faster, some ky or vaseline if you dont have ky jelly. Just like with a baby, instert the thermometer into the rectom, not to far though. Normal temp for a kitty should be between 100.5 to 102. I agree with the others, call your vet, you just never know what the sneaky ones will get into while you are away. I think instead of while the cat is away the mice will play it should be while the owner is away the cat will play. to your kitty and hope he gets to feeling better soon.
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okay so i called the vet and told him what was going on and they said to just wait it out the night because it sounds like it might not be anything to really worry about,

I took his temp and all was fine but I did notice that his coat was loose and he was abit dehydrated so I mixed a table spoon of tuna in with a cup of water and about a tablespoon of unflavored pedialyte. He lapped it up and seems to be more active, Zeek has improved since earlier in the night hes now purring and jumping up into the window leadges in the house and head butting us.

Now the only other thing that has me a little concerned is that when I call him he doesnt seem to pay attention he just kinda stairs off into the distance until you make a noise and movement.
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