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Lil Angel

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(My cats "wrote" this in their catnap story thread in PAWS & REFLECT)

Our meowmy was walkin dis mornin on the street wear we live.
An she saw a lil ded kitty....
it was lyin on the side of the roae. It was a lil baby cat. She sed it was mabee 12 inches long or so.
an it was a lil gray kitty, the color between me an humble kitty
an its lil legs were sprawled out.

We have named it LIL ANGEL.

This is a sad ting to happen.

(Over on PAWS & REFLECT, our cats "write" as we imaigne cats might think about things. All of the spelling errors are on purpose.)

This happened to me Saturday morning. I left the kitty where it was.
I just named it, and am praying. It upset me.

Thanks for reading and for understanding about my cats' "story" about Lil Angel.
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The little angel is now on the Rainbow Bridge where he is being loved and taken care of. Bless him in his slumber.
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Oh, you poor thing! It was a dreadful thing to happen. I went through something similar a few weeks ago - please feel free to PM me if you'd like to talk.

Rest in peace Lil Angel. There is no pain at the bridge.
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Thank you both! I am ok; it was just a shock to see the baby.
She/He is at peace now.
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Bobbie i'm so sorry you had to see the poor baby I'm sure Lil Angel is well over the bridge by now being looked after by all the TCS kitties
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Thank you! I have been praying for you as well. ***hugs***
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I know how upsetting this can be - I spotted another "Lil Angel" on the side of the road as I was driving on Saturday - ironically he/she was grey, too - just like my Carmen. Both "angels" are now in a far better place where there is no pain and no neglect. I share your sadness and hope you're feeling better.
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Hugs to you. Know that Lil Angel is in a much better place and that someone cared for her even if she never knew it here on earth.
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