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Oh No!!!!!!

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As some of you may know, I wear dentures (yes , I know I'm young). Well I don't wear them that much when I am at home and in private. Today when I got through with my running errands I took them out and put them in the box with cleaner and water. I just went into the bathroom and found the box, my plate and water on the floor. Apparently when the kids were getting towels out of the closet they knocked it over and chipped them! When I asked who did it, of course one of them blamed the other. I am so upset because I don't have the money for a new plate. I don't think you can repair these either because it's at the gumline. I put them in and it's not visible when I smile but you can definalty feel they are weaker. I am going to call my medicaid and see if they can do anything about it.. I doubt it though.... I don't want to walk around toothless freak this sucks!

And it doesn't help that Tiger just gave us a heart attack by disappearing for a couple hours. We thought he was laying in the stuffed animals in the boys room. Turns out he was outside and wouldn't come to us when it was POURING rain. My 8yr old and I scouted the neighborhood when he decided to come strolling out from under the house, yawning and stretching like "What's the matter with you two".... ... little booger
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aww that sucks. I hope you will be able to get new ones soon!
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I hope so too.
I just talked to a wife of a friend of my husband's (hope that made sense lol) and she works in a dentist office. She is going to check tomorrow on the price of getting them repaired. I hope it's not expensive and if it is, I will just have to deal with it until I can afford it
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Well as stated from someone else, hopefully you can get replacements soon.

Gosh I love your siggy. It's gorgeous....very classy and just great.
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I don't know how these things work in the US, but if you have home contents insurance, they might be covered because it was accidental damage
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When i was about 7 or 8, my mother had false teeth, only for her two upper teeth, anyway one day she was so drunk she put it in her pocket and went to check the mail, when she came back the false teeth were gone!
She cried for days because we didnt have money to get a new one and she wouldnt even go out of the house!
It was like this for a month, then it was a really hard time for us with a low pay, and a 5,000 Lire (this was in Italy) screwed in false teeth!

Im sure you will get it replaced soon and hopefully not too expensive!
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vibes for an easy and cheap fix
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