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Cat Seizure?

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Hey guys! I'm looking for a bit of advice from you, my friends! My 13 year old Himalayan Rusty, has had a seizure episode both last Sunday afternoon and this one. His body goes ridgid, he jerks and drools uncontrollably for about a minute. He does not cry out beforehand or afterwards, and his eyes remain dialated for about an hour after. Once he recovers, there is no loss of use of limbs, he's just very, very loving and goes about his normal business......any ideas guys?
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What has the vet said? I would be very worried about the possibility of blood clots causing the seizures. There are medications that can treat seizures, depending on what the cause is. Also, someone suggested to another cat owner keeping a seizure diary to see if you can find the trigger.
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I am sorry to hear about your poor kitty. I am a vet tech, and I used to think that seizuring in kitties was bad news. I have 2 cats that seizure-Melody has only had a few small seizures in her 4 yrs. and I now have a 7 wk. old kitten with horrible seizures. I am currently treating Squeeker (the kitten) with Phenobarbital and Clindamycin, since we are not sure what the cause of his seizures truly stems from. It is a good idea to get the kitty to a vet as soon as possible, to run bloodwork and see what the cause of the seizures might be. It could be epilepsy, meningitis, low blood sugar and in the worst case senario-a brain tumor. Bloodwork will tell you if it is systemically a problem and then if everything comes out clear, an MRI will tell you if it is a brain tumor or lesion. I am thinking my little Squeeker may have meningitis but more realistically I am thinking epilepsy-which is controllable. The problem is he doesn't even weigh 2 pounds yet so other than bloodwork, testing much more is out of the question, due to his size. Good luck to you, and your kitty-seizures are VERY scary and difficult to watch-but my thoughts are there for all of you. Please make sure that as much as you may want to jump in and restrain the kitty during a seizure to keep it safe, to just let him/her be, if the kitty were to bite you during a seizure, the jaw will NOT let go-they sort of turn into little pit-bulls with lockjaw and I would hate to see anyone get hurt. Please keep us updated, we are all thinking about you.
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