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Lost a dear friend today. We'll miss you and always love you Tigger

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Sorry if this is overly long but I just need to get it all down...

About a year ago my girlfriend and I adopted a kitten from a friend. What a strange cat he was. Tigger seemed an appropriate name as he was definatly bouncy and kind of looked like Tigger. Over the passing year this cat got more and more unusual making him more and more special to us. He always seemed to look like he was upset or disturbed. He loved to be around you at all times but not always within reach. But when he wanted affection he'd climb all over you and kneed you with his claws. He didn't like not knowing where you were at anytime so I used to play hide and seek with him. I'd run and hide somewhere in the house and he would start looking for me. When he couldn't find me quickly he would start crying. I'd make a noise now and then to keep him on track. When he'd finally spot me he'd let out a meow and a purr at the same time and come running over.

Tigger also liked to eat anything and everything. Every cat likes meat and fish, tigger also liked bread, vegtables, pickels, mustard, pretzels, limes, or anything else he could get his paws on. I remember a time when I stepped out of the room with 2 plates on the table, one with steak and the other with broccoli. Tigger walked past the steak and ate the broccoli. Though his favorite snack was houseflies. If you opened the back door and one was trapped in the screen he would bolt from anywhere in the house and snatch it right outta the air and eat it. We also taught him to say please when asked but not to beg for food. It was very cute with his little chirp purr.

Tigger also liked to walk on his leash. We actually took him for walks around the block on numerous occasions. The only problem was dogs. He had a bad experience in a pet store as a kitten when a big dog popped around a corner and barked right at him and after that he just froze when he could see a dog barking at him. Other than that he would just walk along the sidewalk like any dog would. He even manged to teach our other cat how to do it.

Well his love for eating everything finally got him in trouble. I just had to put Tigger down due to complete renal failure from ingesting an Asian Lilly flower. The plant is in the front yard and looks beautiful. My cats were never allowed to wander freely and we never let them near plants we aren't sure about.

5 days ago my girlfriend picked one of the lillies for her hair and that evening left it on the table. I never noticed it there and it got forgotten. Lucky enough the cats didn't find it that night but the next day while my girlfriend was watching TV, my 1 year old Tigger found the flower and decided to snack on it. I was at work at the time and she didn't notice until after the fact. She never considered the fact that it could be toxic.

That night when I got home from work I noticed that there was still some food left in the bowls. This is highly unusual for my cats but I didn't think much of it. The next day there was some vomit on the floor but one of our cats loves to eat grass and then throw up in the house so again I didn't clue in. When I got home that night, Tigger seemed to be okay but there was food left over again. He didn't seem ill but he wasn't his normal cheery self. Neither of us clued in yet again. The next night when I got home from work he was vomiting a clear fluid. I started to worry but it was 1AM in the morning so we did nothing. I couldn't sleep that night at all so in the morning we took him to the vet. That's when we recalled he had eaten the lilly flower.

The vet run some tests to see how things were but it was far too late. It had already been 60 hours since he had eaten the lilly and was in complete kidney failure. There was little to no chance of a recovery this late in his condition so we had to put him down. He was a 1 year old energetic and hilarious cat with a personality mike between cat, dog, and human. He will be dearly missed and will serve as a cold reminder how fleeting life can be.

So if you have a cat that like to eat things like mine, always keep an eye on what they eat and if they even lick a plant you aren't sure about, check it out immediatly. Treatment within 6 hours of ingesting a lilly has a good chance of saving your cat but after that the chances for recovery are heartbreaking.
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I am so sorry for your loss of Tigger he sounds like a very special kitty who will live on in your heart.
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Even in your grief over your tragic loss of Tigger...
you cared enough to share this important warning with others.
Thank you.
RIP Tigger
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I'm so sorry

What a terrible acident
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RIP Tigger.

I will think of you and your sad humans who miss you so very much and care enough to warn others in the midst of their deep sorrow.
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Condolences on the tragic loss of Tigger. What an awful accident to a special kitty! May Tigger rest in peace!
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Thank you for your support. It's been a very tough day as everything you do reminds you that your special friend isn't there donig it with you. Feeding time was a break down. The hardest part is that my girlfriend blames herself and there's nothing she'll let me do about it. Everytime I start to cry she feels like it's her fault that Tigger is gone and starts crying too. It's always hard when a mistake is the cause of your pets passing. You always wind up blaming yourself because it's always avoidable in hindsight.

We've both been through this before and it's never easy but the other cases were natural causes after a long life. No matter how much it hurts you know you can be happy that your pet had a great long life and was as happy as they could have been while they were with you. It's so much more painful when it's an accident and at such a young age. My only regret is not taking more pictures. I've got hundreds of him as a kitten and up to about 6 months and then they trailed off. So take pictures of your babies, even though you see them everyday and they never seem to change. They can help you remember the fun times and the love you shared and they will always be with you.

Best newest pictures I could find of my baby.

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I'm so very sorry What a gorgeous boy he is as well

I've heard this about Lillies and i never really buy them, but someone bought me some last month and the first thing i did was cut the centres out.

It's one of those things that you learn by so please tell your girlfriend not to beat herself up too much.
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Those are beautiful pictures. I feel for you and your girlfriend, of course she feels guilty, that's only human even though it's unwarrented, and it will be part of her grieving process - perhaps you could encourage her to have grief councling?

It seems especially terrible that you two cannot grieve for your special friend together without this cloud over you, and you both deserve to grieve.

I'm so sorry. I will keep you both in my thoughts.
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I am so sorry - it is a pity but it was an accident and there is no use blaming yourselves. I was given a huge bunch of beautiful lilies last Saturday at my goodby dinner and as thanks to this site I know lilies are dangerous, I had to throw them in a trash can on the way home! RIP Tigger.
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Rosiemac, not sure what you meant by cut the centers out, but keep in mind that every part of the lilly is extremely toxic. One bit of the flower, leaves, steam, or even the root is highly toxic. The lillies here were planed in front of the house before we moved in and while we always checked our housplants for toxicity, the ones out front never crossed our mind. There are a lot of outdoor cats in our neighborhood so were pulling them up to be safe.
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Sorry for your loss ): Sending lots of good vibes!
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Here's some tips for helping those who has lost a special friend to aid in grieving and recovery. It's helped me through this before and I sure it will help me again.

Try to avoid doing things that were special to you and you lost friend for a little while. These things will just serve to remind you of the way things were and will be too painful for a while. Some of these will be impossible to avoid so when you run into these situations, just focus on how you felt sharing these moments. Just today when I opened the door there were some flys trapped between the screen door and main door. This would always send Tigger into a frenzy and he would run as fast as possible from anywhere in the house to eat them. No one came running today and as I started to well up I just focused on how funny he was swatting and eatting flys right out of the air and had a little laugh. It still hurt but I managed to smile at the thought and quickly went on doing what I was intending to so.

Also, let everyone who knew your special friend that they have gone to the rainbow bridge and are no longer with you. Use their sympathy and support to comfort you in your time of need. Bringing up the subject now may hurt a lot but it prevents those awkward moments when someone asks where your baby is or how they are doing.

Other reminders of your lost loved one are a tough call. I find having reminders around make me feel better knowing I'll never forget them. I have a picture of my lost baby Tigger on my desktop so I can see him everyday and talk with him when I need to. This works for me but my girlfriend isn't the same way. So take care in visual reminders and remember that not everyone is able to deal with them in the same way. Other reminders like their food bowl, toys, blankets, or beds should probably be put away. These objects will usually only remind you of who's not using them.

Also, spend some time each day remembering the good times you spent with your friend. I know a lot of people fear that they will forget their pet or that moving on is a sign that they didn't care enough. Know that you will never forget your pet and that your baby always wanted you to be happy and that hasn't changed. But don't spend all of your time this way. Finding things to do with your time will help you pass the time.

I hope some of this things will help others deal with their sorrow and if anyone else has any good suggestions, please feel free to add them here so others and myself may benifit. And always rememeber that my ferret Phan and my kitty Tigger are over the bridge playing with your lost loved ones and they are watching over you every day.
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