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Cruel AIDS research using cats at OSU stopped

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Podell's ghastly AIDS research using cats at Ohio State University has been halted, hopefully permanently. These cats were infected with FIV then given amphetamines in an attempt to loosely mimic what happens to human AIDS sufferers who are amphetamine users. Part of the dreadful research process involved restraining the (sick) cats in clamps and spinal tapping them three times a day. Full details on the POET site at http://home.att.net/~PoetWill/kitty.htm (scroll down to Events and News). Also more background information if required is on my site under Issues.
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Thank you, Mary, for bringing this to our attention. I urge our members to read the whole story and decide whether they wish to take action. In brief, the Columbus Dispatch is not reassured that these experiments will stop permanently; they have some concern that another researcher might pick up the grants and continue this research. Ohio State uses approximately 54,000 animals a year for research. If you wish to speak against this program, the article suggests writing or e-mailing any or all of these people:

Please help to stop this project. Contact - write a letter, e-mail, or phone the following people listed below. All have an influence on the approval and continuation of Podells experiment.

William E. Kirwan
President of The Ohio State University
Bricker Hall - Room 205
190 North Oval Mall
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1357


e-mail President Kirwan at kirwan.1@osu.edu

It is time we ask the College of Veterinary Medicine, why this project and these cats are being executed by veterinarians!

Contact: Dean Glen F. Hoffsis, College of Veterinary Medicine,
101 Sission Hall
1900 Coffey Road
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1092
The National Institute On Drug Abuse is the federal funding agency for Podells project. In November, a new acting director was announced to replace Dr. Alan Leshner.

Dr. Glen R. Hanson, Director
National Institute on Drug Abuse
6001 Executive Blvd.
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-9561

Write a letter to the Columbus Dispatch.
Letters to the Editor
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Here's another update, which will explain more fully the likely future of Podell's research. http://www.theotherpaper.com/substory1.html
The PCRM information is excellent too, I don't have the address to hand but for those interested it's accessible through "Issues" on my site, this organization has 100,000 members including 5000 physicians and has been vehemently opposed to this research from the beginning, including issuing a lawsuit against NIDA.
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