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I'm a bad meowmy!

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Do you know what I forgot? Today is my beautiful, wonderful, fantastic Queen Twitch's birthday! AND I FORGOT!!!

I checked my e-mail & I had received an e-mail reminding me that one of the dog's birthday's is coming up when I remember that TODAY is Twitch's. I feel guilty! I don't have a gift for her or anything planned. I was gonna have a birthday siggy made for her, too!

I'm sure she's upstairs fuming because I forgot. Well, Happy 4th Birthday that I almost forgot Twitch!
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Awww, your not a bad Meowmy!

Happy 4th Birthday sweet Twitch!!
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aww your not a bad meowmy you remembered now. Best run out to Petsmart fast like....
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dont feel bad! i usually always forget until the next day! lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWITCH!!!
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Don't feel bad. It could happen to anybody.
Happy Birthday, Twitch!
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Happy Birthday Twitch!!!!
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Happy Birthday Twitch
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Happy 4th Bday Twitch .....
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Happy 4th Birthday Twitch

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Happy birthday Twitch - and make sure to let your meowmy know that she isn't a terrible human.
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you're not a bad meowmy.

Happy 4th bday, Twitch!
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I gave her the very last of the Innova EVO dry as her birthday present. Oh, & I shaved my legs with the Veet Rasera Bladeless kit, that way, she doesn't have to rub on stubble-y legs.

What a lame birthday! She got what she loves the most-EVO(I'm sure food in general is what she lives for).
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food is what most lazy cats live for
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Awww... Happy Birthday Twitch!!!

I forgot Oliver's once and felt horrible.
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Happy Birthday Twitch!!!

You're not a bad mommy- you're little kitty got her own thread on TCS for her birthday !
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You aren't a bad meomy. You did remember albiet it late....and I'm even late in replying to this thread. So Happy Birthday Twitch!!!
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Rick and i forgot Wontons birthday (March 16) - we didn't realize til months later. when we realized we said ok, we'll celebrate it this sunday. we forgot. realized it later in the week, said ok we'll celebrate NEXT sunday. we forgot. now we're aiming for the Sunday coming up. hopefully we'll remember this time.

so don't feel bad...because at least you didn't forget THREE times
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