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I know what you mean though. My baby just runs to escape, thank the Lord we have a team of people who go out there and get her because she can NOT stay out. We confirmed today that she is preg. and can actually feel the kittens inside her move a little now so there is no doubt. If you don't have a huge house or spare rooms I know how impossible it can be to put her somewhere but do try, as she may be carrying little ones, to keep her in because if she is, and you don't know how far along she is, she can deliver outside your home and that is so not good. Trust me, I understand though, they are seriously like trying to catch greased lighting covered in fur! and when they want out, they want out, but if you have any amount of spare room to put here in you can put here there during the busy parts of the day while there is a lot of traffic.

I usually just pick her up and hold my little ball of spunk in fur when I open the door, but children and husbands are not so careful so maybe having a chat with them explaining to them that she may be pregnant and can NOT under any circumstances be allowed out will make them feel a little more obligated to watch over her. Then talk to them and ask them to help you come up with solutions that everyone can help in to kee her from going in and out when they leave. Like my sons now close the door immediately as they leave out to ride their bikes, hmm, come to think of it maybe we should have said she was pregnant when she wasn't It helped me out with my kids and husband. They really began to understand what a delicate situation it was after we talked. However you do it I am sure you will do the right thing
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Yes, I have talked with husband and kids and I make no excuses, only offer explanations!
I hate the thought of closing her away but I will do it. I have other pets and cannot keep them confined just because of her so she will be the one to be closed away in the bedroom. The dogs and other cats are used to the back door being open so that they can go in and out. Plus it's summer and the kids are out of school.
I have felt her and do not feel anything moving in there but she is a bit bigger then she used to be.ALso we never had heat cycles that were crying etc so we have no timetable to go by. I am going to ask the clinic if I can bring her by just for 'a feel' and see what they say.
Do you know about how much weight a cat gains during PG?
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In situations where there isn't a room that can be kept closed...the best alternative is a large dog crate with her food, water and litterbox. It isn't ideal...but it beats the alternative of having a potentially pregnant cat escape. Again...the idea is to not allow her to 1. have her kittens outside if she is pregnant 2. become pregnant if she isn't and 3. if she is pregnant and has her kittens...not allowing her to escape and become pregnant again.

ALso we never had heat cycles that were crying etc so we have no timetable to go by.
Cats are induced ovulators which means that they do not need to be in heat to become pregnant....once they reach sexual maturity..all bets are off of trying to trace her possible date back to a date when she is in heat. I think your idea of taking her in to be seen is a good one.

I think that trying to judge pregnancy by weight can be tricky as a cat can gain weight for other reasons. We've had some cats that we swore were pregnant but turned out to have a bad case of worms. Gayef...who is the moderator here could probably address your question best.

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Well, I am taking Spots to a shot/wellness clinic on Saturday. I do think she is PG and when I called today, they said they will give her e look over and see if they can tell (of course she would have to be pretty far along) but if there is ANY question I will wait on the shots.
She is a very slight cat and from this pic she looks a little 'broad'...

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