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From Kitten to Young Cat

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I just noticed that I have been "promoted" to Young Cat and I have been searching for the different titles and # of postings associated with it. I vaguely remember reading this right in the beginning but have drawn a blank. Can anyone tell me where I should look for this? Or even providing the info would be great.


G. and Whiskers
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Thank you kindly!

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700 = Super Cat
1200 = Top Cat

In your case, we might add a special category of "bug squasher".
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Deb, I was actually sitting here (as I seem to do endlessly now that I have stumbled across this site-it is quite addictive) and I was thinking that I am quite deserving of the trophy you had mentioned yesterday! Especially since I can't seem to shake the "squishing" sound right now.....

G. The Bug Squasher
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Maybe we could persuade Anne to find a bug squashing smilie to add the list???

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Congratulations on becoming a young cat! (and head bug squasher)

I am really enjoying having you here!!!
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I'm kind of embarrased in a way because....boy do I love to write! (not sure if it's noticeable.....) I'm not a big conversationalist but even when I was young, I would write endlessly.

As long as you all don't get fed up of me!

I am thoroughly enjoying "chatting" with all of you.

I'm losing my Bug Squasher title though. Amidst all of this basement cleaning (which still has my husband stumped. I am not divulging my secret yet about the computer being down here at arms reach) , a daddy long leg (I think that's what you call them) appeared out of nowhere (honestly!) and I just about toppled over a chair and landed on my butt. Oh well.....I guess it takes time!
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