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is baby food good??

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I wanted to ask all of you is baby food good?? (Human baby food)

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I'm sure it's wonderful for human babies. However, I wouldn't feed a steady diet of it to cats. If your cat is sick and not eating, this might be a way to get some food into the cat. Even then, the baby food won't contain ingredients essential to cats like taurine. I personally would try to find a good wet kitten food instead. It may take trying a few different kinds to find one your cat will like.
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You cant give it to them as a treat?
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You have to be careful which ones you give a cat, for instance, don't give them anything with garlic in it or tomatoes. I can't remember off the top of my head right now, but there is a specific baby food that you can give to cats, but not all qualify. I'll try to find the thread on this forum with the information about which ones.

There are many wonderful cat treats out there - why not give those instead.
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Is pumkin baby food good? I am asking this because My poor Birdie is tring to
bring up a hair ball. I herd on sites that baby food makes cats poop
out hair balls. Ever since I had her she NEVER brought up a hair ball
but one day she up a hair ball. Ever since she is tring to. Poor baby.

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Have you tried a specific hairball remedy for cats? You can also get treats for cats that help with hairballs. I don't know what's available where you are but I use katalax and deffur-um treats. I think that would be better than feeding baby food.
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Birdie is not a treat eater. I tried every brand of treats out there.
She does not even lick it. So hair ball treats is not going to work with
her. I hope my baby is alright.
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I don't see why baby food shouldn't be alright for a little while to help maintain weight, but for long term use, I would not recommend it.
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I mean by giving her baby food give it to her twice a week?
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Whenever Joss was sick I would feed him baby food, it was the only food he ate at the end.

His favorite was lamb, then veal.

I only fed him the food that had only meat in it.

And I also noticed that breeders would often feed their cats baby food at Cat Shows, probably as a treat.
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I'm sorry your kitty has hairballs. I can completely sympathize, having 2 long hair cats myself! There are a couple gel hairball remedies that you can put on their paw and since cats like to be so clean, they feel compelled to lick it off. We also feed Iams hairball to our adult cats - and there are lots of hairball remedy cat foods out there. The Gerber #2 meat baby food is fine for cats, as long as it doesn't replace a lot of regular meals. I've given it to my babies when sick or recovering from surgery and they seem to like it pretty well. I know also about cats that won't eat treats, I have a couple that way too! There's a new treat called Temptations, I think? And my cats do love that one. I got the dairy-flavored ones...
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The impression I got(& I'm not saying I'm right) is that if you MUST feed baby food, feed meat only. I feed that to Twitch when she won't eat. I actually keep 2 jars in the cupboard.

For hairballs, I feed pumpkin. Pure pumpkin. I found it in the grocery store with the pie fillings. The ingredients should contain nothing but pumpkin. I give it to all my cats 2x a week & no hairballs. Some cats will eat it straight, others like it mixed with wet food. Twitch however, doesn't like it at all, so I have to hide it really really well. I use 1 TBSP each.
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Thanks every one! you guys made me happy!!!
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Originally Posted by kluchetta
. The Gerber #2 meat baby food is fine for cats, as long as it doesn't replace a lot of regular meals.
That's the information I was referring to and looking for. Also, as mentioned, get the pure pumpkin puree - NOT the pumpkin pie filling.
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