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Monster cat!!! (Meet Spook)

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Hey guys,
Well, I had a date last nite and she invited me over for some home made cooking.(Great cook by the way) She had a cat named Spook. Spook greated me first thing and my mouth just droped. I could not believe the size of this boy. He was huge!! I ran back to my car and grabbed my digi camera cuz I thought you all would love this.
Here is Spook.

Pretty wild huh?
We discussed his weight issues and it not being healthy for him and she explained that he has been on several diets and diets given directly by the Vet. She says it does not work because he becomes a monster and gets savage like. She show me scars on her ankles that were from a direct result of not being feed on his terms. She said he will be going another diet because he has to for his on good. Needless to say I never saw Spooks crazy side in fact a VERY lovie cat. He jumped in my lap and I just could not take the weight for too long. If I had to guess what he weighed I would say about 20 to 25 lbs. Spook was very cat and the date went great.
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my moms cat...Tubby. She is a huge cat hince the name

Spook is a cute kittie. Hope you had fun on your date.
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He is huge! It is good that you had a date with a fellow cat lover!
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What a big kitty! I can see why he gets his way when he wants to eat. I wouldn't want to get on his bad side! :laughing2: He is gorgeous, though. (But I'm partial to black kitties, too. )

Glad you had a good date!
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Aww hes a beaut!! And who want a skinny cat anyway!??!?!?! (Ok ok, I KNOW the health issues... but chubby is cute....:LOL: )
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Chubby is cute on people too IMO (Can you tell what category I fall in?)
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Wow! He is a big boy! Quite a handsome fellow!
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Ady, you're sooooooo right!!!!
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WOW! What a big, handsome fellow. I just love big kitties. My Leo is nearly that big. He's thinner, though.
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WOW!!! Spook is HUGE!! I have only seen one other cat that big...and that is the cat that belongs to a vet in a nearby town, he lives right in the vets office...and they told me they have put him on many, many diets...but he still is fat.

Glad your date went well! A fellow cat lover is a good thing to have in common!
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