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Pictures of Roper's Shopping Spree!!

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Hey! I found my 6 week old Kitten Monday Night he was at the Gas Station. Well today is Sunday so I have had him for one week. Saturday I went and spent 70 dollars on the little booger

PS. His Vet Check on Friday went Great! He wieghs 1 pound and 12 ounces. He is healthy. He got the Fel-o-vac #1 and a Deworm. His Next appt is the 21st.
He also has been sleeping in the bathroom but since he is being such a good boy and always using his litter box, he has now upgraded to sleeping in my bed with me at night. He did good last night and this morning woke up around 7am to eat/drink/and use the litter box.

Here are the Pictures!

He got a new litter box/2 steel bowls with a stand/ a bed/ a squeaky mouse/ a scratch post/ the green toy with the white ball that goes around/ the blue toy with the pink feathers/ I got a litter scooper/ Baby Powder pet air freshner plug in/ A&H Litter Box Deodorizer/ Catnip/ Pounce Treats/ anything else I missed lol

(Click to Enlarge)

This is him when he discovered his reflection lol
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awww how sweet
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You hit the jackpot.
Roper could not be cuter.

The picture of him looking at his reflection in the mirror should be a poster.
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Looks like Roper landed in a pretty cushy spot! Congrats on your new baby. He is just adorable!
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He is seriously cute. I look forward to seeing pix of him as he grows up
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Roper is just sooo adorable. He is such a lucky little guy that you found him and rescued him. It's heartwarming to realize the life you saved him from. He is such a precious little guy.
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Heh, Roper is my maiden name

He's just adorable! I love the first picture of him looking at all his stuff, and the last one with his reflection, that's an awesome pic!
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Somebody here has been firmly wrapped around a kitten's little toe!

Why would you buy him his own bed since he will probably take over yours!
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Hey Roper, don't forget to go check out the Siggy Shower. There are some siggy's waiting for you, of your cute little guy.
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Congratulations! That sure is one cute & pampered kitty!
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Awww....he is such a cutie pie! I love the pic of him "fighting" with his reflection in the mirror. My Lily is almost a year & she still hasn't figured out that's her in the mirror!

Looks like he found himself someone to wind tightly around his little paw!
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What a tiny little cutie!! lol I didn't see him in the first picture - I thought he was one of the toys!
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What fun! Ha, what a precious photo of Roper discovering his own reflection!
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what a doll! congrats!
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Roper your going to be one spoilt kitty And it's not suprising because your a gorgeous little boy!
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First off, welcome to TCS!!!! hehe i think Roper definitely enjoyed the shopping spree! I think he's definitely going to enjoy his new home with you! You sound like you're taking very good care of him! He is lucky to have you!!!
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Thanks Everyone!! You have all been Great!
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What a doll he is!!!
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