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I will never forget Tabithia

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10 years ago this year my mother aloud to be adopt a cat after we had a stray come up on my porch and take to me but had to be put down when she saw the vet. We went to the local humane society and there as the cat of the week was this 3 month old kitten, the most gorgeous cat i had seen. She was very vocal and lovely markings. I said i wanted her, my mother told me to look at the others first. Eh ok i did, but in the end the kitty of the week came home with me. She stuck to me like glue. I decided to call her Tabithia as she struck me with her attitude to be like Samantha's daughter Tabitha from Bewitched. I can remember her dragging my clothes one at a time to the living room till she had a full outfit laid out for me, from socks to a shirt lol.

There were many times i would come home from work to find her meowing what sounded like Momma as i came threw the door. She would never leave my side, my boyfriends would have to be leery around her, she would sit on my lap and growl if they came near. I was her's and her's alone. 3 years later about 2 months before i found out i was pregnant with my oldest child, Tabithia became very ill. She had started to pee outside the box, i tried everything i could think from changing the brand of litter, location, to even the box itself. Next thing i knew she began hiding on me, never wanting to be out and about, she lost weight quickly, this was all in a week's time. I took her to the vet asap and that one said "oh she has diabetes" ok well off we went to her regular vet for meds and regular treatment. We got there and they ran the test again, no she didnt have diabetes. Tabithia had a tumor in her stomache near her bladder, they were almost positive it was cancer. They didnt know how they missed it at her last checkup and shots. By than her body temp was down to 97, she was throwing up, peeing blood and just didnt care anymore. They said they could try and treat her but at this stage it was 50-50. I decided that she had had a great 3 years with me, considering when we got her she had an upper respritory infection and came from a shelter that would have put her down in a week. I was not going to be selfish as i saw it and put her threw treatment with those odds. We decided to humanly put her down.

It took me months to get threw the grief. I always swore i heard her Momma meow and i knew i was loosing it. When i found out i was pregnant i figured tabithia had decided it was time, she would never have willingly shared me with my child. I will never forget my baby and am so glad i had the 3 years i did with her. To this day i still talk about her. She is one of the few cats i had that left such a huge imprint in my life.

Here is my sweet angel, my she still be chasing flies whereever she is.

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Poor Sweet little Tabatha You were so beautiful,R.I.P.and Play happliy at the bridge chasing flies sweetie
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RIP Tabithia, play happily at the bridge.
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Bless her little heart She's chasing flies and butterflies over the bridge right now.

You were loved so much Tabitha
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