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UGH MORE Potty Problems

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Isis knows how to use the litterbox. I'm quite sure of that. I praise her when she goes and in a matter of a week she was litter trained. SO WHY did she leave me a nice pile under the computer desk. It's very frustrating. Any thoughts?
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Maybe you need another litterbox. You should have one more box than the number of cats you have. She might prefer to use box exclusively for urinating and one for pooping.

Have you switched litter brands recently? If so, she may not like the new stuff.

Are the boxes in low-traffic areas? She may be trying to find a spot where she feels "safe".

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I've switched litters but she had no problem going in it the first 3 times lol! The box is in the bathroom and I've found if we have more than one box Jade will urinate in it just so that she doesn't have Isis' smell in her "area" lol.
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Steer clear of scented litters and give her a second box. If this doesn't stop it get her to the vet to be checked out, unless she is a kitten. If she is a full-grown cat it could be a health issue, a kitten it is often just a mistake. They are used to going wherever they are.
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Please click here to read a thread on how to stop poop problems.
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Thanks everyone. I've taken all the info I've gathered here into account and have moved the litter box away from a wall (I had it cornered) and we've had no problems since then. thanks again!
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I found that for some cats, scooping once a day isn't even enough. I had 2 cats and 2 litter boxes and my one cat would use whichever box was close enough and once he had used both boxes, my other cat wouldn't use them anymore. My solution was to buy an automatic scooping littler box. After that I no longer needed the second litterbox at all as they both enjoyed the always clean box. For a while my younger cat was enthralled with the automatic box and would play with the scoop and then dig like mad wondering where his waste had gone. But after that past everything was great. Cats love a clean litterbox like you like a flushed toilet.
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I have 2 cats and one litter box in the bathroom.

I use a scooping cat litter (not sure if I can say the brand here or not, so I won't). But it's fine like sand. I scoop at least 2 times per day not only for my cats' sake, but also for my own in order to avoid dirty litter box smell. It doesn't touch the wall on any side, and the closest it sits to the wall is about 5" on one side, so they are free to face any way they like.

The only time my oldest cat pooped outside the litter box was when she gave me the look of "I need to go. Add more litter to the box" type look, hehe. It was really low and I purposefully let it get low so that I could clean it without throwing out a bunch of good litter. She kept coming and checking out my progress, and I could tell she needed to go quite badly, but I guess it took me too long to empty it, disinfect it, dry it and refill it, because by the time I was done, she had left a little gift in the closet.

I didn't get upset because she did tell me she had to go and gave me fair warning, hehe. Now I don't wait quite as long to do a complete litter change and disinfection
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