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Ever had a dog follow you all the way home?

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If this is in the wrong place, sorry.
Yesterday I was checking the mail and I saw this little scruffy dog standing behind me and started following me home!
I tried tell the pup to go home but he just kept following me.
Luckily he got distracted by something in someone's lawn.
I felt kinda bad though since it was drizzling some and the dog looked a little dirty. But I wouldn't know what to do if he actually made to the house and wouldn't leave.
Has this ever happened to you? And what did you do if the dog walked all the way to your house?
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Yeah its happened to me loads of times
I think animals know who they can approach and who they can't if they are lost.
More often than not you can tell if its lost... they look around a lot and walk around aimlessly.A dog that knows the streets will walk usually with a trot and look straight ahead and just completely ignore you.

I would have taken it in myself...I just can't resist a little furry face....and i'd hate to see it 5 minutes later getting hit by a car.

When i was a kid we used to have this little corgi turn up at school every day.it would wait by the gates till all the kids came out of school and then follow us all home.
Then it didn't turn up one day and i never got to find out where it lived or what happened to it....
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Yes and I end up knocking on doors looking for its owner.
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Yes it has. If I can't find the owner, I find them a new home. Knock on wood, but I've only adopted my dogs thru rescue groups and have never had to take in a stray dog permanently.
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aw geez, i should have tried to help that doggy instead of leaving him alone.
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This happened to me. I'm a sucker for a furry face. When I was younger I was bad about being outside, seeing an animal, and trying to get it to come to me. I was outside reading one day, this was about 9 years ago now, but I saw her up the street digging in my neighbors trash. I called for her, and she came running. No tags or anything, and noone posted any missing dog signs, and since she didn't leave, we took her in. She was house-broken, and sweet as can be. We then found out that one of the people in our neighborhood moved out, and left her, and lo and behold, a short time later, she had 7 gorgeous and healthy puppies. Luckily for us, they were all found loving homes, and we even kept one, named Roxy, and she's a lab/german shepard mix.

You shouldn't feel bad though. Maybe the dog just escaped it's fence and will return home. If you see him/her again, maybe then you can take the initiative, and help the dear out. Good luck!
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