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We came home late last night from a family picnic 3 hours away, looking forward to flopping into bed. Then we noticed blood around Max's anus. A cleaning revealed what I thought was a burst anal gland.....he scooted a little the day before, but I didn't realize his gland was impacted. I was just going to take him to the vet after the holiday weekend to have them expressed. Anyway, being that it was Canada Day and 1am, we ended up having to drive into toronto to an emergency vet, where his abscess was expressed by a very quick vet. He put antibiotic ointment into the gland (Max had a big problem with that and even bit his dad lightly on the hand to make sure we knew he wasn't impressed). So now we start a two week oral antibiotic treatment, along with twice daily washes with an antiseptic soap and application of antibiotic ointment to the area. I know we can handle this (when she was a kitten, Lola was on daily meds for almost a year, and she was much harder to pill than Maxy), but I feel terrible that he's in pain now. It must be so uncomfortable for him. He doesn't seem to be in horrible pain, as he's still his usual self, but I know he must be hurting. We're hoping for a fast and smooth recovery.

My only questions are.....will defecating irritate the wound? Is there anything I can do to make him more comfortable?