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Anxiously Waiting...

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Ok so I just need to vent... Friday night I met this guy who, by the time i left being with him, I thought he could be the one. : Everything clicked, I didnt want to leave. He seemed to be way into me too... He asked for my number, so I gave it to him on a piece of paper, but I didnt ask for his. So now I am ANXIOUSLY waiting and hoping he calls. The thing is, usually I can take or leave a guy, talked to many but only had the sparks with a couple in my life... and everything just clicked for me, seemed like him too... he said he would call later last night cuz he had a wedding yesterday at 3... but I didnt get a call... but he could have been at the wedding till late, and maybe will call today. But the minutes are taking forever to pass! I know if it's meant to be, he will call... just a little nerve wracking... oh well, just had to just gunna wait...
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Just wanted to send some good vibes your way for your phone to ring!
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Ring phone RING!
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Here's hoping the phone rings for you, to end your suffering!
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Oh, I hope he calls soon!!
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I hope he calls too!
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Hope that phone rings. Keep in mind its also a holiday weekend family could have sprung something on him
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sending 'hope he calls' vibes!
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Good luck! *Fingers crossed* he just got busy with something.
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thanks guys!!! I am still waiting, it's 4:18pm here... i will give it till the end of the night. i'm sure he was at the wedding till late last night so hopefully i'll hear soon! thanks for the good vibes!!
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I hope it rings soon! Go shopping or call up a girl friend. It will make the time go faster!!
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Well? Has he called yet?
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Lot's of "phone ringing" vibes. I hope he calls soon.
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nope no call yet i'm giving him till tomorrow night then i give up. guess it wasnt meant to be after all
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Awe I'm sorry. I know how the waiting game feels. Try to keep your mind off of it. I know how HARD that is and almost impossible. I am sending good vibes your way so that he calls!!!!
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Oh I know how hard this can be ! Remeber A watched kettle never boils - so do your thing and if it's meant to be IT WILL!!!

Hoping you get your wish!!!!
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Originally Posted by Shiraz21
nope no call yet i'm giving him till tomorrow night then i give up. guess it wasnt meant to be after all
Most likely what happened is with the holiday weekend and his friend's wedding, things probably got busy. If he doesn't call by Wednesday evening, then look for someone else.

Who knows too...have you thought about going back to the place you met him at? Maybe he lost your digits. There are a million reasons.
I highly suggest going back to that place. Perhaps he's been going there in hopes to see you again!

Good luck!
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PS, don't sit around by the phone. You'll only make yourself more miserable.
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I really hope he phones you soon, but everyone's right about not waiting by the phone. Go shopping and buy a really hot outfit and then if he doesn't call by wednesday you'll have a great outfit to wearout to catch someone else's eye.
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I'll tell you my little story about waiting for a phone call. As I've mentioned before I met my DH through We chatted online for a couple of days and he gave me his phone number and asked for mine.

He said he'd call me the following day at 7:30pm. I waited by the phone and waited by the call so I got online at 7:59. I told myself I wasn't going to message him...and as soon as I signed on, he dinged me. He had lost my phone number.

Called me as soon as I got offline (cause I had dial-up then).

That could also be a reason for his lack of a phone call.
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thanks guys, you're the best... i have gotten better about it last night, i kinda gave up in my own head. i just dont understand, i thought it was such a given, but oh well... i'll get over it. i did think he might have lost it... i gave it to him on a peice of paper, he didnt put it directly in his phone or anything. i told my friend that i met him with, that we should go back on sundays when i think him and his friends go... in case... but i'm not gunna rule my life around it. i think we're going back to the place tonight to see the fireworks because they have the best around (although i woke up with a sore throat today, so i'm not sure ) thanks for the vibes guys, i appreciate it. i guess it was just nice to have one perfect night... i guess that's what being single and enjoying the summer is all about, still a little dissapointed, but life goes on... on to the next Thanks again for the support!
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