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My Diva Cat Nightshade

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Hello community, my name is Jacinta and i would like to introduce my cat Nightshade.

well it all started about 3 years ago i had just moved into a new home and was settling in and i noticed this cat playing in my garden, she was playing with this other tiny kitten who was so cute ^-^

So i watched them play for a while and i noticed how skinny the other cat was i was very concerned for her health. so i decided to take action. the kitten was obviously belonged to someone else because she was well fed and looked after and she seemed to have a home because the next door neighbors took the kitten inside after a while.

at first the cat that was skinny was quite timid and wouldn't let me go anywhere near her but slowly i gained her trust and would just leave food out for he and she would eat it all up contently.

and then as the days progressed she would watch me on the fence while i was gardening and sometimes come over for a little stroke now and again.

as the months went by she stared gaining weight as i kept on feeding her, i was a bit concerned because i didn't know if she was a stray or is she was someone else's cat so i kind of kept my distance from her, just so i wont get too attached to her. but one thing that i did notice is that she was always outside passing through my garden and the fact that she was extremely skinny lead me to the thought that she didn't have a home where someone would feed her or she was just abandoned.

so i eventually took her under my wing at let her stay at my home ^-^

well as soon as she got used to the surroundings of my home i noticed that she was very anti social and when i tried to play with her or give her toys, it's like she didn't know what to do, it was so sad, so i tried to encourage her to play with them.

then i decided to give her a name, as i couldn't keep calling her kitty after all lol, and decided to call her nightshade, to reflect the moon and stars of the night (due to her coat)

and then came the tough times, one of them was fleas... my god the first time i saw these little buggers it was a nightmare! they were all over the place! left right
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Fleas can be just horrible! Nightshade is lucky that you came along to take care of her!

If I can help in any way, please let me know. Welcome to The Cat Site!
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Originally Posted by captiva
Fleas can be just horrible! Nightshade is lucky that you came along to take care of her!

If I can help in any way, please let me know. Welcome to The Cat Site!
where is half of my post gone? including the pictures i uploaded? i stuck to the rules so i don't know why they were removed?
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....I'd say Nightshade is a very lucky kitty. That was so nice of you to take her in.
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Originally Posted by Mairi II
....I'd say Nightshade is a very lucky kitty. That was so nice of you to take her in.
unfortunately you won't be able to read the rest of the story because 'mysteriously' half of my post disappeared so unfortunately i won't bothering with this forum any more, i feel that my story is not welcome here.
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I'm sure there were just some technical difficulties... it happens on all messageboards from time to time. I'd love to hear the rest of your stories and see pics.
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Hi and WELCOME to TCS!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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hey, maybe i will finish the story later on. is this a frequent occurrence that posts get 'erased' like this? and to make this even more annoying i didn't save what i typed before and it took me 2 hours to type all that, that's what got me really annoyed.
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Welcom, Jacinta and Nightshade! I'm very sorry this happened, Jacinta, it must have been a glitch in the board. Your post wasn't intentionally altered. Please, will you finish telling us about your precious diva Nightshade? Her history is very interesting, and I believe I speak for all of us in saying we would really enjoy learning more about her lovely life! I really look forward to seeing her wonderful photos, too!

We're so glad you've both joined us and hope to get to know you better! Please let me know if I may ever be of any assistance by clicking on my user name to send me a private message.
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Some boards have a post limit... if it was really long, it might have automatically gotten deleted.

Mods won't delete only part of one post, they tend to delete whole threads.

We'd love to hear the rest of the story!
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Welcome the the site Jacinta and Nightshade! Please do finish telling us about your little diva Nightshade sounds like a wonderful kitty, and a lucky one to have been found by you
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Continued from original post:

I tried sprays, powders, various flea collars even home remedies but nothing worked so decided to call in a exterminator because it was so bad that i had to wear scarfs around my legs for 2 months and believe me it was a horrible experience.

Well after the fleas experience, things started to get better, her coat has improved and she now is a confident cat, at first i was trying to encourage her to play with toys but she was always anti social hardly even looking at the toys, it's like she never understood how to play with toys or things like hugs and praises, that was difficult for her too, but over the years with a lot of patience it payed off shes a totally different cat now.

she's never scared of other people shes is a very laid back and loves a lot of cuddles, but the main reason why i called her a diva is because she is always wanting something or sleeps where she wants to sleep. sometimes i have to say no nightshade! because she would come in from a very rainy day soaked and she would sit straight on the bed! or other days i would leave a sandwich on the counter and when i came back to eat it she had run off and took a bit of the sandwich! cheeky girl!

apart from that she has a rich diet which gives her a great coat, the foods she likes to eat are:

Dried fish
Fresh fish
Various meats
Olive oil mixed with meat
yogurt, she loves yogurt and cheese too!
catnip and various cat treats
and Scrambled eggs

as you can see she is one spoiled cat

I just love Nightshade miaows, she has a very distinctive miaow which goes like this ah-waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! in different tones depending on the situation.

When she is sad, she lets out this phewwww sound like a sigh and when shes angry she says miaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-owoahhhhhhhhhh and it gets lower and lower, it sounds like shes crying lol, and she does that when she don't get her way, sometimes she would just miaow like she is trying to have a conversation with me, it's very funny and if i miaow at her back she would reply each time XD.

I believe Nightshade came to me for a very good reason in my life, i was going through tough times, moving out from a new home can be stressful and she helped me through that, not only that shes always there for comfort it's very cute when Nightshade curls up next to me and has a nap purring away and it's a nice warm caring feeling, maybe that's why i love animals so much, i grew up in the countryside and there used to be a local farm nearby and i used to ride a horse called mintoe (pure white) on that farm almost every day, god i miss that horse ;D.

At one time in my life i had six cats (i have also owned a lot more animals throughout my life), it was at a foster home but i sure did love those cats too.

Anyways enough story for now here is her pictures, can anyone tell by looking at these pictures how old she is? i have had her for about 3 years but i could never tell her age because she is quite a small looking cat.

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Oh she is just so beautiful and thanks for taking such good care of her!!!

From the picture we can't tell how old she is but a VET when looking at her teeth could be give an idea.
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Wow, what a sweet kitty she is! I'm so glad you finished the story, you and Nightshade are DEFINATELY welcome here

See you around the forums!
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Jacinta, Nightshade is just beautiful and it's lovely to hear the rest of her heartwarming story. Thank you so much for taking her in and sticking with her through the tough times. You two clearly share such a close and special bond - you must love the fact that Nightshade came into your life.

My name is Beth and I am one of the Mentors here at TCS - if I can be of any help, please feel free to drop me a Private Message any time
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