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Daily Thread Sunday July 2

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Good morning!!

What a great long weekend we are having!!

Today we are heading out camping (I'm so lucky that my parents stay with Reilly ....they are such good grandparents)

Were going to do a bunch of canoeing today

....and today is also 2 months until our wedding....I can't believe we only have 60 days to go!!

Have a great day everyone!!
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Wow, only 2 months left! That went by fast!

Yesterday was a very long day of yardwork. I am a bit sore today. Last night we went out to eat in Newport, RI with some friends. They are having the US Women's Open Golf tournament down in Newport right now, and the city was packed! The people watching was great though!

Today will be a bit more yard work

Have a great day everyone!
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Good Morning!

Wow, Tracy - only 2 more months? Time sure has flown, hasn't it?

Spent yesterday playing with Davidson and Harley Today... not sure what we're doing? John's cousin that lives above us in the apartment building is also getting one of the kittens in the litter, so I know we're going to get him stocked up on all the kitty supplies, and we're gonna go get him one.... (I'm TRYING to convince him that 2 is better! ) He's really excited to bring a kitten home after he came over and played with Davidson yesterday.

Might go catch some sun later in the day, the beach is only across the lake we live on, so we might blow up some tubes and go floating.... ahhh... sun!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!
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I'm excited about today! I get to visit my father. We always have a really fun time at his house, and I also get to see my furry step sisters Kiki and Haddie (they are Papillons).

I hope to have some pics to post. I hope that all is well in your worlds. Pet your fur babies for me!
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Might go catch some sun later in the day, the beach is only across the lake we live on, so we might blow up some tubes and go floating.... ahhh... sun!

Ohh that sounds good

Moggies are just too hot to move today. Jaz is in her bed, Jake is under the garden bench and Izzy is on the patio table They have barely moved all day!

Mind you neither have I Grass needs cutting but ..i...just...cant..be..bothered

Day 4 of Juicey diet. Its going ok finding that i dont really want all the juices that i can have. Just had the detox one, it has celery in it..uugghhh...cant stand celery
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The party that started about 2PM yesterday just ended a few minutes ago. 2 of the women that came over got too drunk and I wouldn't let them drive home last night. So we cooked them breakfast and sent them on their way.

I think I'll go back to bed for a few hours then think about cleaning up the yard. The neighbors did fireworks last night and the debrie is all over my roof and front yard.
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Morning all!! Trying to recoup after a late night.... been up since about 5 am when hubby left for work...tried dozing back off, and next thing I know my mom is here with my daughter! So that didnt work out-maybe I can get her to nap today so I can as well....LOL. Hope ya all have a super day!
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Lazy day, for me today. All of my chores and errands got done yesterday.

Last night, Bruce took me to a party, at a friend's house - BBQ pork, good company and great music. The hosts had made trip to New Mexico and stocked up on fireworks (illegal in Arizona). They put on one heck of a display and the men were having a great time, blowing things up and making a lot of noise.

Naturally, neighbors called the cops but, they didn't show up until all of the good stuff was shot off. The hostess got a citation but, nobody went to jail or was injured.

Its been a LOONNGGG time, since I went to party where the cops showed up. Its not a GOOD redneck party, unless somebody calls the cops Made me feel young again

The only downside was that I drank too much Pepsi and was up and down, into the bathroom, all night.
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Last night was great. We were basically told by the MIL to go out on a date so hubby and I went out to dinner. We wanted to catch Superman Returns but the last showing was at 10:45 and we didn't make it to the theatre until near 11:00pm. So we won't be seeing that movie. So we decided to swing over the new bridge they built and go see our old, old house in MD. Someone lives in it now but the stray cat population has exploded since we moved. All it takes is one un-altered male and one un-altered female and bam...

We saw a not so friendly gathering of about 5 stray/feral cats. But they scattered when we got out of the car to walk around.

We got back in and went to bed after grabbing a cigarette, on the way back up the mountain though we scared the heck out of a deer who was having a midnight snack.....he had the :censor::censor::censor: look on his face when we came around the corner with a piece of food in his mouth.
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Last night the Brad and watched Crash. What an intense movie. I highly recommend it to all if you like movies that make you think.
Anyway, just a lazy day around here today. Not sure what's going on yet. So far, I've done a couple loads of laundry, and the dishes. that's about all. I really need to clean. It's a pit here, but since we have been getting the same days off I've taken advantage of it because I hardly ever see him because of our schedules. But honestly, we NEED to get on cleaning the rental and this house. So maybe that's in order today. Decisions, decisions, to go and play or to clean the houses.. what to do?

Have a great day everyone!
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We finished part one of landscaping project (pictures to be taken soon!!) Then went to Target and "Sunday driving" around a new very "upscale" subdivision where the houses probably start at $800K (up here thats a 4500 sq ft plus Mcmansion type of house on a small sloping lot!!). However there were a lot of ugly houses!!! Too warm to do much today 86 degrees and sunny!!! Taking it easy for the rest of the day!!
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