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we need you to get this ******* arrested

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Please help this little kitten.

It all started from a post in a forum at China. A guy named "Catkiller" posted a series of photos about how he abused his kitten, by forcing her to eat shampoo, eat pepper, detergent, tie her legs up, bang her on the floor, etc. I do not dare to post the photos becuase I didn't have the courage to look at them.

However, we've found out in the photos, the guy is actually from Taiwan. (by the newspaper he used).

The news has reported about it, but so far no one knows where he is. After he saw the news, he even posted another post saying that even if we catch him, we can't do anything to him.

Because in Taiwan, the criminal law doesn't have effect for person who abuse animals. They'd probably only go to civil court and gets charged with 50thousand NT dollars the most. Which is about 1515 US dollars. AND THAT'S ALL.


Here is a news article from Taiwan, there is one photo, you can take a look. Even if you don't understand chinese, you can still see what nasty things that ******* did.


What you can do at the moment:

We are sorry that there's no site for petition at the moment. But we will work on that ASAP. But so far, please link to the above lin, and there's a little icon on the top left hand corner which looks like an eye just above the exclamation mark with a rectangle shape on the right. And next to it has a series of numbers.

Please click on the icon once in a while. The number means how many people wants to know the truth about this news. The more people click on it, the more active they're willing to find out the truth.

If you really want to see the photos, I can send you an attatchment. Or somehow put it on web for people to download. (File is not big)

But I warn you that there are really nasty photos.
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Keep us informed.
People like this need to experience a little of their own medicine.
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I cant open the url`s.

I live in China, if you find ou who this ^%$%# is and where he lives, you can pm me!

There are no laws protecting animals here in China, but there are a few organisations trying to make a deffirence.

Can you send me the url so I can follow this story...
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What is wrong with some people? People like this shouldn't be allowed to live.
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That single picture of the poor cat tied up was enough to turn my stomach!

With all the evidence that people who abuse animals often go on to abuse people, I find it hard to understand how any government wouldn't want to pursue abusers for that simple reason alone.

I hope this person is caught for what he does and never has a chance to do such things again!
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The poor, poor kitty! Her head is so, sooo big compared to her frail little body! If only the angels come visit her soon & let her little spirit fly away over RB very, very, soon...and she can be released from her torture and suffering and in a better place... Very disturbing to see the pic, but if it can get solutions to this terrible situation, then I'll gladly have an upset stomach, etc.... how sad to be born to such a terrible fate
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