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Broken Pelvis

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My almost three year old cat Moe-Foe (B-Day Aug 8th) fell off my 3rd floor roof on Wednesday. I currently have her in a kennel with food, water, a bed and a litter box. However she has been lying in the litter box is this normal? I also read some where that she should not be able to jump for 2 to 3 months. The vet told me 4wks, any advise? Please HELP!
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Take her back to the vet. She might be laying there having trouble going to the restroom.

Have you noticed if she is pooping or peeing? If she is not, she need professional vet care. She needs an xray done. I have a cat going through this right now.

It is good to read about things to gain knowledge, but please take her to the vet. She could have a pinched nerve, severed nerve, and god knows how many broken bones. Something else might need to be set.

It is very difficult to give advise about things like this because each break is different and the damage to each cat is also different.

The only thing i can definately say is GO TO THE VET. Don't call him on the phone to get advice. She needs medical care, possibly pain medicaion, an xray and time to see if there is permanent damage..

And HOW did she fall off a third story building. Why was she loose on the roof in the first place? That concerns me greatly.
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I did bring her to the vet! What kind of person wouldn't? She jumped out my sons bedroom window and he shut her out. My son is only 4. She is definatly using the litter box for fecies and for a bed. She had x-rays that's how I know it is broken.
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I am so sorry. I misunderstood you.

If she is using the litter box then that is good. Hopefully she will not have nerve damage. Only time can tell that KaMa. I kept my cat confined in a small area as well and when the pelvic bone healed he had nerve damage that evidently was not apparent when the break happened. He started walking on top of one of his knuckles on the injured side resulting in a foot ulcer. His leg from the mid thigh area down is partially paralyzed and he is going to have to have it amputated.

I sincerely hope this does not happen with your baby. But JJ's pelvic was broken in two places probably from a car. Do you know if it was the big bone broken or a smaller bone?

Also, JJ was unable to support his weight on his leg. But at the time they thought it was only the bone. His leg lay flat behind him. If your cat's leg was not laying flat, then hopefully kitty will heal with no problems. I will pray for that.

JJ's leg ALWAYS DRAGGED after the injury. However, in doing reading on this after this happened many many cats heal perfectly normal and never have any more problems with the bone.

I hope this is the case in your cat.

Please post updates on the break.. With all JJ has been going through, I would be interested in reading them.

JJ also has a thread about his pelvic injury. You might find some useful info there.


I will say something else. It is difficult to watch your animal healing from a pelvic break. Keep your spirits up since I don't know exactly if your cat is crated or what but it help some if you get them out and hold them gently. It helps the kitty and it helps the owner.

I hope your baby recovers fully.

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One more thing.

Since she is using the litter box and then laying there, it is possibly it is just very painful to her and so she might be resting after doing her job. She is using bruised muscles, but the fact that she IS GOING is a great sign..

Make sure her litter box is one with short sides. Just an inch or two at most until she heals. It makes a mess but it will be easier on her. The reason I say this is beause JJ had trouble at first walking over a 3" side of a crate. He would meow in pain. I already had some cat pain meds from my babies getting fixed so I him that for two day.

See if the vet will give her something for pain if he hasn't already.. Poor little girl...
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Well thank you for the advice. She is in a large dog kennel and has always hated to be picked up! I do climb in there with her and pet her and give her LOTS of love. Its so HARD to watch her stuck in a cage!!!!
I hope your JJ is ok! Thanks for the link!
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Well my Moe seems to be feeling a little better. She out of the litter box for now probably only long enough for me to clean it. She pretty much stays in there all day till she gets lonly or needs the box clean.
She a small cat that weighs 10lbs. I say this because she is about the same size as her 10mo old son just fat. But soooo SWEET. Loving all the attention she is getting hope to have pics of my baby up soon.
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Lots of healing, calming vibes are on the way to sweet Moe.
I'll look forward to seeing Moe's pictures.
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I think it's harder on the mommy sometimes than the kitty. And that loving will help a lot.

I hope she turns out to A-ok......

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Hiya! Our kitty suffered a broken pelvis and damaged tail in a car accident on June 17, and is currently tearing around the house like there's nothing wrong.

Unfortunately I don't know the extent of her original injuries, as we took her in as a foster to look after her until she healed, then decided to adopt her... I know for the first 2 weeks, she was kept in a cage at the shelter I volunteer at while she was healing, and also really didn't move much. We took her home after that, and she was really wobbly on her legs, and would walk a few steps and just flop over on her side purring looking for a pat We kept her confined to a bedroom in our house for a good few days, and she started getting the strength back in her legs - I think she was quite stiff as much as anything.

Within a week of us having her (3 weeks after the accident), she had started jumping on things, and starting to run again - we tried to slow her down, but there was no chance. She's 8-10 months old and wants to play!

Now, she tears around the house, leaps on everything and has just healed so fast. When she's had a big play session, one of her legs splays out a bit, so we try to limit her play times, and she sits a little funny, but I think that cats have amazing heaing powers!

Just keep your boy rested, let him go at his own pace, and spoil him rotten
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