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Are you on Premarin? Please read!!

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If anyone is taking premarin, please read this. I applied for assistance for a cat of mine here and I found this page on female hormones.

Want to adopt one of these horses?
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That's so sad. My mom was on that for at least a dozen years. She knew what it was though, her doctor told her. And that she needed to take it. I wish they could make a synthetic one that does exactly the same thing. I know they have other synthetic hormones but they are all different.
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Premarin is rarely used anymore. It has severe side effects. From what I heard they are getting rid of the female horses in Australia.
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Being a horse lover, I've known about this for some time. My mom was on Premarin for a helped her a lot. I told her about what the drug is and how it's made (she's a horse lover, too), and she and her doctor tried to find an alternative.
I think she takes a plant-based drug now. There are alternative hormone replacements for menopausal women. Premarin isn't the only's just the most popular.
The bad thing is that the alterntive meds don't work for everyone, and if you're one of those unlucky few, you've got to either take the Premarin, knowing what it's doing to these poor horses, or not take anything at all. Neither is a good prospect.

If I thought my dad would be up for having another horse at his farm, I'd love to adopt a PMU horse.
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Try Himalaya MenoCare.

I am only 22 and I don't need hormone replacement therapy, but I use it to relieve some PMS symptoms.
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being a horse lover i have known for a long time. and find it horrible what happens. Poor mares. My mom was on it for a while but when she heard what it was they found a replacement.

I refuse to use it ever myself. It will be a long time (hopefully) til i have to think about it. But i wont ever use it.
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I never knew about that. That's so sad. I will definitely stay away from it when I reach that point in my life.

I find it horribly disturbing that people can do this to animals and not care.
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Some friends of mine just rescued two of the Premarin mares. It was a lot of work to get them to Kentucky (I can't remember where they were originally). These mares are huge draft horses. Apparently draft horses are preferred because they produce a lot of urine.

It truly is so very sad that animals "have" to be used in this way.
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That was an interesting and sad article. Thankyou for posting it. My mom took premarin for a few months and had to stop because it made her deathly ill. I hope the drug companies are able to find an alternative soon for the ladies who need medicine such as that.
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Originally Posted by shengmei
Premarin is rarely used anymore. It has severe side effects. From what I heard they are getting rid of the female horses in Australia.

It is still a VERY common prescription where I live (I'm a pharmacy intern).
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Really? I was reading an article in an organic living magazine and they were writing about a society that adopts young mares to prevent them from being slaughtered.

I really hope that we find a cheap alternative soon.
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There very well may be societies like that, but it doesn't mean that docs don't prescribe it and pharmacists don't stock and fill it. Most docs and pharms know how it's produced, and the information is always on the patient information leaflets.

Prempro, estradiol, and others are getting more common, however. Premarin is still popular because it's (relatively) CHEAP. It's always about the money! Also, some women can't take synthetic estrogens for a number of reasons.
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