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Scary Experience..

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So today I'm cleaning my kitchen, Minding my business, when I hear a cough and a meow all at once. I look down at Jade and Isis (who are at their bowls eating since I give them a wet treat during the day!) and they both seem normal. So I go back to my dishes. I hear the sound AGAIN, rush over to the bowls and see Jade hacking and obviously trying to get air! I immediately pick her her up and push on her upper tummy. Nothing came out of her mouth so I then set her down and rubbed her throat hoping to get the piece of food down since it won't come up. Luckily this worked and Jade kinda looked at me and then went right back to wolfing her food down.

If I NEVER have a repeat of todays events, I'd be ok with.

Anyways just interested to see if anyone else has had similar experiences...
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Yes I have, and I did exactly what you did. I massaged her throat to help her swallow. On another occasion with another cat, I had to put my finger down his throat.....getting bit in the process...but he was so frightened and I was so frightened, too. I figured I would gag him or force it down...but SOMETHING had to be done....and that worked. The bloody fingers were worth it, because it worked and everything came out okay. I never did know what was wrong....but he was writhing on the floor and I would have lost him, anyway if I hadn't attempted something!
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