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Cat Enclosure Help

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Hi all,

Glad to have found this site - this is my first post. We have two cats (both Russian Blues):

Vladimir - ~15yo, came to the US with me from Australia. Very regal older gentleman, healthy and active.

Cali - ~2yo, rescue cat from Inglewood here in LA. Very energetic and fun.

The reason I'm posting is that we have just (inadvertantly) moved into an area with coyotes. Vlad and Cali are used to being indoor/outdoor cats, but right now are indoor-only, because of the coyote risk.

Having thought it through, I think the best option is an enclosure. That way they can have a bit of an outdoor experience, but the risk is minimized. Losing either of them to coytoes is simply not an option! Having read through some of the threads on the boards here, I'm sure you understand!

But I have two problems:

1) I am not very good at building things, and
2) The new house is awkward, to say the least. It is basically on the side of a mountain. There's no yard, as such. Just a forested mountain slope that is quite "wild".

My building skills would probably extend to building a cat run in a normal backyard. But on a mountainside? I'm not so sure...

So my question is: can any of the cat-experts on the forums point me at resources for helping me build a cat enclosure. I guess they'd need to be local - I am in Los Angeles, California.

I am quite prepared to spend some money to protect our kitties - I just don't really now where to start. I have emailed all the cat enclosure vendors I could google, but they are mainly East Coast or Canada (at least as far as I can tell).

Any help/advice appreciated!

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Hi Cameron Welcome to you and your furbabies. What I will tell you is that we have a bunch of people that will be along I'm sure to give you some advice or suggestions, I'm in So Calif also but in San Bernardino County, anyway hang tight, hope to see you on the forums
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