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hugging Cat

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:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2

I had to submit this picture of my baby rocko Hugging my son, Eric. I tell you what! that Science Diet TD works great on cat teeth!
Look at that smile!

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Cute pic, Kim.

My babies don't give hugs, but Trent does give us kisses.
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great job! the picture had me do a double take The match up is quite good: both angle and scale.
Did you use photoshop?
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Kim - I hope you don't mind, but I am moving this to the lounge so many others can enjoy it! What a GREAT shot!
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Toooo funny! Boy wish MY teeth looked as good as his! Hmmmm-mm you say he's eating-----oh, never mind!!
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I love kitty hugs!
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Great picture! Love that smile!
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That is a great "cat who got the canary" look without the feathers!
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I'm gonna tell Rocko that he is loved by "The Cat Site" people ? and that there is no need for him to be embarrassed of his pearly whites? <Grin>

Zapata - I did use Photoshop 7 for this picture. Actually, I am a Graphic Designer and when I'm not working on jobs...I'm working with my cats.

That pic actually belongs to one of the models on Photospin....lucked out finding a guy with a smile angled just right. Also, I created a vignette in the background so that everyone wouldn't notice my FILTHY office.

Aside from those minor tweaks, Rocko is real and he really hugs..He's my Big Bad Boy Baby.

Hey Debra! Of course you can share Rocko's pic with others. I think it's cool that you appreciate his straight teeth. <grin>


P.S. Here's a picture of GoGo after a visit to the vet. My vet told me I need to start brushing his teeth, that he "needed a tic tac".
Who has tips on brushing a cat's teeth? Do I need safety goggles?LOL
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