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Cat heat tolerance

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I have a 3-year-old indoor cat with no health problems. I live in a house that doesn't have air conditioning, and the indoor temperature during the day can reach the mid 90s. (I am generally away at my air conditioned office.) How well can cats tolerate this kind of heat? I always make sure she has plenty of water, and I leave a fan on (although I'm not sure how much it helps to circulate the hot air). The hot weather began last week, and she seems fine (though more lethargic than usual). But we seem to be having a particularly hot summer and I am not sure how well she'll deal with 3 months of this ...

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Keeping Cats Cool
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Can't you just get air conditioning? I think thats a bit too hot how can you live in an insulated house without air conditioning? Isn't it hotter inside than outside? Do you live in a cabin or something?
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^^ Some people don't have money to get air conditioning...
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Thanks for the replies.

The temperature outdoors reaches the mid-90s by noon, and the indoor temperature evenutally (by 3pm) climbs to match that (the house is poorly insulated). The landlord won't allow me to get air conditioning.
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Yikes! that's one strict landlord.
But I commend you for trying to find ways to keep your cats cool.
I have central air and if I ever move, I will NEVER consider a house without it(went to many years without it and boy was it HOT! YUCK!). My cats are indoors only and have two enclosed porches to sit on if they have an "outside urge". It's been strange here, raining in the am and hotter then blazes in the afternoon. I let them out on the porches in the early am and if it's not to hot, otherwise they are inside, enjoying the a/c.
Good luck finding a solution to your dilemma.
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I live in the UK right now, where hitting the low 90s is considered a heatwave... but I had cats in germany for 15 years. (South east germany gets very hot in the summer) cat got lethargic in the summer and didnt eat much, but otherwise she was fine. If your cats got outside access, I wouldn't worry too much. Thye just lay in damp grass all day. If they are indoors only, provide plenty of water and maybe a damp towel on the floor, so they can cool down. Don't foget, Cats originate from Egypt, where the 100s are called Winter !
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I'm sorry I just cant fathom NOT having air conditioning. This is all new to me. I have really never heard of someone living in a house without air. I thought only homeless people didnt have air. Of course i am from the south and if we didnt have air it would reach over a 100 degreed inside.

Why wont your landlord let you have air conditioning?
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I really wouldn't worry too much. Animals are very good at seeking out cool areas - such as the bathroom tiles or the cool tub or sink. You might just use an oscillating fan to keep the air moving.
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I've got 3 fans but no ac. My cat is lethargic in the afternoon but still runs or gallops early in the morning and meows a lot so I hope that means she deals with the heat well...the cats that live outside by dupsters(the homeless)probably have it worse, and no water.
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That's a little pompous, don't you think.  Not everyone can afford an air conditioner let alone the extra cost of electricity.  I have a similar problem, but I leave the screen door open for cross ventilation.  Don't be so quick to judge.

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I had a house years ago that I owned, no central air. I just kept a fan going on me. It's not like most people had a/c until the past 40 years. You can always try those freezer packs, putting them in a towel, and putting in the tub. Your cat might love that. Put on on your neck? As well. Stay cool!!!
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