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How many nipples does your cat have??

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The last kitty we were fostering had 6 nipples and 5 kittens which we thought was tough. Then we adopted our little girl recently, and discovered she had nipples almost under her armpits which we thought was very cute. At this stage we realised that she had 8 nipples (it's easy to count with a pregnant kitty...). We never realised cats could have 6 or 8 nipples before!

Just curious as to what's more common
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Zissou does NOT thank you for asking me that as I of course had to go count them, which perturbed her. She wants a treat now.

I also found out that cats are indeed ticklish, as when I found the two in the middle (I voted six) she kind of twitched like I do when I'm being tickled.
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Hehehe cute! I bet there's going to lots of annoyed cats very soon

Stumpy is really small, so it's funny to have so many nipples on such a little body!!
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You actually count them?

Hee-hee that's just to funny. All but one of my cats wont even let me touch their tummys anyway.
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There should be a choice for guessers who want to keep their fingers intact.

I didn't bother counting, but I assume 6.
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Zissou didn't fight me, but she looked at me like "What do you think you're doing?!?" She sort of likes belly rubs though, so I gave her one while counting...
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Tiger has lost ALL respect for me now... He has 6.
Reilly, well, her belly is "off limits" to human hands...I really don't want to lose a finger. I can type faster with all ten!
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I'm pretty sure Mooch has 6 but I've only counted 4 on Noodles.
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Kitty's nipples are still kinda big from her last litter so there were 8. i didnt even have to touch her. she was sleeping on her back!
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Yah it's a lot easier with momma cats :p
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Ummm....I can't say...I don't know...haven't really paid attention, plus their kittens and it's hard to find nipples on kittens.
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Teufel is a bou and he has nipples :flail!

From what i can feel Kaylee has 4 nipples and teufel has 6?
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I'm not sure I'm sure Reilly does have them but I don't want to loose a hand trying to find out!
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I couldn´t vote, as my answer wasnt an option

My Pollýanna has only 4 nipples!
She used to have 8, but after a very large operation, where many very large tumours were removed, 4 nipples went away in the process.
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Sneakers has 9 nipples! Two of them are really close together... vet said it was normal (okay, somewhat normal).
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