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I am wondering how everyone feels about their birthdays. Tomorrow is my birthday and I look forward to it every year. I think of it as my own personal holiday and since it falls on the first day of summer every year I celebrate it even more. This year Rich(my husband)and I will be going to the shore for a long weekend and a nice dinner out.and some good drinks! Being that I think birthdays are special I also make a big celebration for everyone who is close to me. So let me know how you celebrate :baloon:
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Honestly, birthdays are kinda eh now that I've passed 21. For my 30th, I visited my (now ex-) boyfriend for the weekend. Usually, I treat myself to good beer and a movie. Also, usually the work bunch go out to lunch or order in for someone's birthday.
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Happy early Birthday , Mandy

My birthday is next week, and I'm hoping to maybe go out with some friends next weekend to celebrate. Its Lobster Fest time here in southern Nova Scotia, as it is each year around my birthday, so there are always lots of fun things going on. My hubby is in a dory race tomorrow, and there are big parties each weekend for the duration of the festival. Nobody ever has to worry about throwing me a party at least
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I normally try to take the day off work if it falls on a weekday. Birthdays are big in my immediate family. We always have a party with fam and friends and enjoy cake and a buffet. Hubby normally takes me for dinner and a movie.
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Happy early birthday Mandy!!

My birthdays don't mean much anymore. I get kind of excited when it nears my birthday but I don't know why since nothing exciting ever happens. I'm lucky if it gets remembered.

I guess I'm being blue since my birthday is around the corner.
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Birthday - whatever. My birthday is in the middle of the summer, so I never had the cool school thing when I was growing up. I had HORRIBLE birthday party experiences when I was younger. (I was about 10, I think, had all my friends over and they all hated each other and fought the whole time.) I have moved twice on my birthday - yippee. Generally, it is just brushed by the wayside.
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My birthday is at the end of July, so I am usually camping.
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My birthday is New years eve. I keep hoping noone will remember and usually get my wish since it falls on a holiday and everyone is partying anyway, so mine is no big deal. I usually go with the flow but become the designated driver at the end of the night.
Last year was special though. My fiancee asked me to marry him on my birthday so that was really special. The one birthday that meant alot to me.. he is so caring! I love him!!!!!!!!!
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I try not to even think about it. Unfortunately, I have a friend who shares my birthday and she makes sure EVERYBODY knows.
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Happy Birthday Mandy

My birthday is in January. Always hated the month because no one really wants to do anything after Christmas & New Years. Plus, we normally get hit big time with a snow storm and my husband works for the Roads Department so we end up not really doing too much because he is either working or on call, waiting to go to work.

It consists of a day of "let's let mommy sleep in" and me not having to cook or clean for a whole day. (the no cooking & no cleaning was decided by me!). Homemade gifts from my boys, cake (gotta have the cake!) and a few surprise gifts from hubby.

I've hit the 35 range so my wild partying days are waaaaay behind me.

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18th-Had friends over from my church Youth Group. Pretty Fun!!

21st-Went to a bar (Shooters-West Covina, CA) They have a barbers chair that you recline in and they pour the drinks right down your throat! Puked in the parking lot. Friend drove me to my then-girlfriends place and fooled around all night long.

25th-Had a Halloween party (My B-day is Nov. 3rd) with a ton of friends and Mom surprised me with a HUGE cake for everyone! There were about 20 people.

30th-NOTHING!! I had just moved to Portland from CA so I knew no one. Went to dinner at cousins home. No big deal.

Last 3 years- Hanging out at friends place and getting drunk.

This year- Probably the same.

Maybe next year, I'll fly home and spend my 35th with my family and friends.
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I like birthdays. Mine is in April, so every once in awhile it falls on Easter. This past April, it was the last day of my Easter vacation, so I didn't have to work, and I was happy. Usually dinner and a movie is the norm.

I am one of the few people I know who actually looked forward to my 30th birthday. I looked on it as the beginning of a whole new phase of my life, and so far, I feel like my 30s are my best decade.

My fiance made a big deal of my 30th, too. He made me a nice dinner and surprised me with a cake, too. He had trouble remembering my birthday for a few years. His excuse was that he was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, so he didn't ever celebrate his own. I let it slide for a while, but now it is no longer an excuse. For his own good, he now remembers

About 3 or 4 years ago, we went to Gettysburg, and rode horses on the battlefields. There is a campground that does trail rides. That was a fun birthday.
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Mine is Pearl Harbor Day. I was, also, born on my grandfather's birthday. Until I was 18, this meant dinner out with my grnadparents. After that, it was with whomever I was married to or involved with. For several years, it meant a trip, somwhere. For my 40th, I got a 7-day Carribean cruise. THAT'S the way to turn 40!
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