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I've noticed "breeds" of cat have different personalities. Anyone have any insight into this? I have a ginger cat (lives with the parents, he's bonded to their other animals, couldn't take him with me), and I have a black cat, with a little patch of white fur... he lived in a pet rescue for about 6 months.... and seems VERY affectionate.

Olly, my ginger tabby, is lazy... but also very affectionate (when he wants to be)....

I don't know, really- what I'm trying to say... what are your insights/observations into different breeds' personalities? i know all cats are different.. but just wondering.
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Growing up we had dozens of DSH and DLH cats through the years. All had different personalities...some laid back, some wild, some lap cats and some loners, some big babies and I loved them all.

But What I have found with Persians which is what my kitty is, is that you are paying for certain personality traits. Easy going, calm, affectionate, good with kids and very sweet temperment. they are generally quiet and unobtrusive cats. I am speaking from my experience as well as many friends who own the breed.

But do not get me wrong...that does not speak for all persians. Again each cat regardless of breed has their own personality just like humans and Domestic cats can have the same personality traits. I just believe you have more of a guarentee of what the kitten will become as an adult.

i just prefer the look and general disposition of a persian. They have a face only a mother can love!

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