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Ode to Ouiji

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I wrote this a year after the loss of Ouiji. She was my best friend for 17 years.

How can I tell you I miss you
Now that you're so far away?
Have you gone beyond my reach
Or do you still hear what I say?

I know you're close - although so far.
I know I can't touch,
I know I can't hold,
But nothing can stop my love.

For you were mine, my own best friend,
You were always there when needed.
But now you're gone and can't come back.
Yet still I question the distance.

Sometimes at night I feel you snuggle,
Sometimes I see you too.
But alas, I awake and find not you;
It's just that big old pillow.

So I sit, I cry, I remember it all;
The good, the bad and the last.
I remember it well, today one year ago;
When they took you; lifeless, from me.

At peace, at rest, thank God no more pain.
Your days they should be bright now.
As for me, I'll be fine, no need for worry,
I just needed to say, I miss you.

Terri-Lyn Love
November 1993
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That was very beautiful! Thank you for posting it here.
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Thanks for sharing.
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