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mucus plug

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can somone tell me what a mucus plug is ... and what it looks like and how to recognise it if i see it. ummm.... i think i know what it is but.. i wouldnt bet anything on it rofl
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I have heard lots of different descriptions. I think there is a wide range of appearances that are considered normal... it can be yellowish to whitish, tinged with blood, more wet than dry or more dry than wet, and come out in more than one piece. I'm sure that is just confusing. For Sneakers, a dryish slightly greenish yellow piece came out about a week before the blood tinged white and yellow wet discharge came out.

Hope that helps.

How is she doing?
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Is this mucous coming out of a cat or kitten? Thanks!!
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cat? kitten? human? lol
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with Icis, its was red/dark red and almost jelly like.
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i never saw boots mucus plug she went in litter tray then lay on her back wanting tummy rubbed and brown liquid left her :S they like to confuse u cats hehehehe
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Church's looked like red playdoh. LOL

Most cats though it looks like snot streaked with blood.
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