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A Cat's Meow?

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I finally have a question for you all.. well actually I probably have lots of questions, but this one has been on my mind.

Our 4 yo grey tabby as a beautiful rich almost musical meow. She doesn't use it alot, but when she wants our attention she'll sit and give a single meow and wait for us to answer (we usually do!) She also doesn't purr often or indiscriminately. She has to be in the perfect mood.

Now.... ...

Our 3 mo old calico has the most pathetic crackling meow. I do realize she's still a baby, and they have pretty weak meows.. but Leela's actually cracks as she does it. Now on the other side she's a motor boat at purring. She purrs often and for long periods of time. She purrs in her sleep!

My question .. Will Leela grow into a better meow? Or if it cracks now will it always crack??

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Each cat has their own voice. I raised rexes and even in the same litter each had their own voice - some "oriental" loud and some you could barely hear. It didnt' change as they got older. So I'd say your cats will have the same voice as they get older.

BTW I perfer a cat that will answer you when you call over one that is quiet. At least you know where they are
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My calico Cindy has a meow like that, but she only uses it when I have her food bowl in my hand and she wants me to put it down. She has so many different meows and sounds it's truly amazing. I can't say if Leela will grow out of it, because we got Cindy from a shelter already an adult, but maybe she'll add other sounds as she gets older.
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