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How many ccats do you have?

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How many cats do you have?

I have 2 angle brats Leona and Pumpkin.

The most I have had at once in the house is 5. Maddie, Bella and Cloie are living with others now.
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I have two cats

The most i had at once was 21. (this was in australia)
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We have four - they're in my sig. That's the largest number I've ever had - I didn't have pets as a child.
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I have 5. Ages range from 12 years to 1 year.
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I have two now. When we get a larger place I will most likely move it up to three.
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I have 4 too, and thats the most we have had - we were stopping at 3 cats but Scully couldn't really be homed anywhere else so we took him and as much as I would like another kitty there isn't enough space.
We have a hamster too
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Currently I have 7 cats (a mommy and 6 kittens). Only a month ago, I had no cats! We only plan on keeping the Ruby and one of the babies, so two permanent residents!
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2 domestic shorthairs (Lilo and Kuro), and very soon I will be adding a meezer to the mix
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i have 3. a mama and her 2 kittens. one is going to my sister's so soon to be 2 and 3 is the most we've had.
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Six, ranging in age from 1yr to 12 years.
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I have two, though at one point I had 6 at one time....we had two we'd taken in off the streets and then we found a litter of 4 ferals and took those in as well....took care of them and tamed them.....then we found them all homes. We couldn't take them where we were going anyhow or else I would have kept one of them.

Now I have my two babies....Pandora and Pearl
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We only have 1 right now - Harley, he is 1 year old

Soon enough, we will be adding little (well, Ryder or Ducati, can't figure a name out yet ) to our fur family. He's 8 weeks old now, and I'm SO tempted to bring him home!

Ok, so our total is 1 1/2, not quite 2
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I have four - Molly (11ish), Bobby 3y/o, Slayer 2y/o, Sláine 2y/o - all DSH.
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I have 2 cats. Miagi is around 2-4 years old and Tiger is around 5-9 years old. We don't know their exact ages. Miagi is a tabby mix and Tiger is a bengal(?)/tabby mix

I also have 4 dogs. Jenny is a rottie/yellow lab mix and 8 years old, Rocky is a black lab mix and 9 years old, Buster is a treeing walker coonhound/english coonhound mix and 2 years old, and last but not least my mom's dog, Ginger is around 5-7 years old and she is a rat terrier/chihuahua mix
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Oh ahhhh I have 8 eight and wow I know it's a bunch Mickey, Cammie, Sissy, Dunkin, miniman, Ziggy, Zazzy, and Zinger... A never ending fur family
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I have 2 permanents, Ginger, 14 (15 in August), and Pebbles, 11. I have two long term fosters, Molly 13 (who will live her life out with me), and tom, 12, who is up for rehoming. I have a short term foster at the mo, who is going next week (hopefully) and wil then be getting a 10 year old who will hopefully be short term.
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I have one. The most I've had at a time was six. Five were fostered strays, and they all have great new homes now.
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I have 3
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I have seven.
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I only have one (Quill!), but when I move out I'm hoping to get a kitten. The most I've had is two, and they both died last summer.
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I have one-Lukas- a bluepoint Siamese-Also.help my mom take care of her cat Katie-1/2 Siamese & 1/2 who knows what-
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We have six neutered males, ranging in age of approximately 1 - 2 years. So much fun!!!
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I have 3 permanent house cats. Festus, Garfield and Jasmine. I have one cat who comes in and out named Will. And one cat who is outside only, Josie. I also have 3 foster kittens, and am hoping to get several more foster kittens from several areas soon. (A friend found a skittish kitten at work, bu thas to catch it. And trying to talk someone else into giving up her kittens, too.)

So I consider my number to be 3...but maybe I am rationalizing!

And all my cats except Josie are 2 y/o and younger. I don't know Josie's age.
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Two right now, Spike and Cotton, as seen in the siggy below.

They are neutered males, adopted as a pair from Challenger's House in Toney, AL. They're littermates, found abandoned in a ditch at four weeks old by the rescue organization, nursed back to health and adopted by us at four months old. Cotton is deaf, and the rescue insisted they be adopted together because Spike looks out for him. We wouldn't have dreamed of separating them and they've become such a joy in my life over the last 10 months.

I'd like to increase our resident cat population to three, but I'm working on hubby, he's not really into that idea yet, but I'm not giving up. ^_~
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We have 6 furless kids.
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Originally Posted by Luvmysphynx
We have 6 furless kids.

Aww, and what pretty babies they all are!
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I have 13 cats. Six are inside and 7 are feral.
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I have two.... Then a dog and my daughter has a hamster. Right now we actually have two dogs because we are dog sitting my parents puppy for 10 days. FUN FUN
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I have my 3 housecats, Twitch, Lily, & Ophelia. Plus I have my two foster cats(possibly long term), Damita & Chico. In addition to them, I have 8 outside cats(in the garage & shop), Fafeena(13?), Slinky(8), Tabitha(5), Goat-head(3), Sandy Paws(2), Billy Bob & Tony(1), & Cow(4). As if that isn't enough, I have a cat from who knows where, Tomas(3-5 is the vet's guess), Boo Boo & Jasper. And of course, my little feral-ish Urchin. Like their names?
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We have 2 brat cats and a dork dog and 2 furless children (the kids )
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