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I recently notices that Princess is chewing everything!!!! she is like a dog. She is a lil over a year now and she never chewed anything before. I thought she was teething but I saw teeth on the floor along time ago because they came out, I dont know... Does any one else have this problem or now why she is doing it and how do I get her to stop?????
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I have only had Astrid for a couple of days, and unfortunately, I have caught her trying to chew on the TV cord and the fan cord. I haven't noticed her chewing on anything else, but from her little "love" bites I know how seriously sharp her teeth are (she is 8 months old and small) and how deep she sinks in. I am going to have to look into something that can cover or wrap my electrical cords.

I am making sure she has lots of appropriate chewy toys, but I have to admit I am nervous about going back to work next week and leaving alone for several hours. I really hope she grows out of it soon.
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Before she starts chewing on cable and electricutes herself please get some cable covers.

Here is a link..


Otherwise get some bitter apple spray (It has alcohol in it so careful what you spray) citrus airfreshner, actually any smell she dosen't like - she'll get the hit soon...
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Thanks for the link. I will definitely do that and keep an eagle eye on her. I have seen those sprays. Hopefully I can get out today and get it.
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Get some Bitter Apple spray and use it on things she is chewing on. No home should be without that (good for dogs, cats, etc.)
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I would mention it to the vet on next trip.. something I should do too. Rocky is a chewer. I have bite marks on most of my lamp shades and he also likes to bite the nail file. The only reason I have come up with for it is that his sense of smell is off and he doesn't have good sight either, so it's his way of figuring out stuff.. He has also always been a licker.. I think he is orally fixated or something. Luckily he doesn't usually chew on cords. I would invest in a detterent on anything you don't want sampled.
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I find that cats have a thing for the cardboard nail files. Both of mine loved those nail files and if you left one withing reach, it would be gone. I think it has something to do with the texture or the noise it makes when they chew on it.
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If you're OK with leaving "kitty toys" around the house, try some bendy straws. We use those while kitties are teething - but our cat that gets plaque build-up likes to chew on things, and she loves those straws even now that she's "grown up." We get her plaque scraped at the dentist every year even though she LOVES having her teeth brushed (once she got used to it and figured out how great it apparently feels). For whatever reason, she just gets plaque build-up really fast.

But as to discouraging kitty from chewing things she shouldn't be - bitter apple is a good recommendation. But if she chews on curtains or whatever, you should consider a citrus spray. It makes the house smell nice and cats HATE it. Cord wrappers are good - but they need the bitter apple too.

We have a "paper tearer" in our midst. We leave paper bags around the house for her to play in, on, and "eat." It means vaccuuming with a hand vac ALL THE TIME, but the shreds of paper bag everywhere are much better than shredded mail, mags and books!
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Willow is a bit of a chewer (was worse when he was younger) so I bought one of the big cotton dog bones. When he's chewing on something inappropriate, I remove it and replace it with the bone. He now hunts the bone out for a chew!
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I will give you the same advice I gave another post on this forum about the fact that their kitten likes to chew cords...

Here are some ideas of things you can use that people use to protect cords from bunnies (and vice versa) that I think would help you a lot, so it will definitely protect your kitty and your cords.



(look under the Potential Problems and Solutions, and the first one is about cord protection)

(this one also gives great ideas for protecting cords)

Anyway, I hope one of those gives you a good idea you can work with. You should be able to find most of these things at any hardware store.

I guess my owning bunnies came in handy for kitty owners! Cool!
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