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The daily thread July 1st 2006

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Well we are expecting some severe thunderstorm midday. This definitely put a damper on our landscaping project!!! We well try to get done as much as possible before that and get the equipment put away.

Today is Bakkers birthday he turns 2!!!!

My massage went pretty well however I was a diiferent type of customer for her-she said I was the "stiffest/tightest (are those words??)person she ever did a massage on She said she worked up a sweat!! Mt upper shoulders are a teeny bit stiff otherwise not too bad. Which is a good thing as I about more concrete pavers yesterday afternoon-3 pallets containing 1440 bricks that weigh 6# each. They were on closeout so they are a pretty good price. However we have (oops I) have to pick them up by the end of next week-DH is to $$$ to pay for delivery unless by Wednesday we figure out what we want the pavers for the patio to be which we will need many many more and then it would make senes for the delivery fee ($95)!!

All for now enjoy your Saturday everyone!!
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Okay I'm at work today, and we are really busy! It's a beautiful day and I'm kicking myself for not taking the day off. I hope everyone has a beautiful day!!!

I'm sorry Mods. Please fell free to delete. I didn't see the other thread!
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The sun is finally shinning after two long weeks of fog rain and wind.I'm off to the beach! Going to sit and relax and work on my tan!
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Good afternoon all, it's a beautiful day for the first day of JUly. My computer seems to be processing my typing slower than I'm doing it so I can't see the words before I am finished...Oh nevermind it caught up with me.

I'm exhausted, I haven't been sleeping well.

I think it's supposed to be a pretty day outside, already this morning I've seen two deer and a angry squirrel. I've already fed the kids lunch (Kids Cuisine Meals all around).

I'm hungry myself but have no idea what it is I want to eat.

I've already had one mountain dew this morning as a caffiene pick me up and may require another.

I hope whatever your plans are for this weekend you keep yourself safe.
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Good Morning all!

Woke up this morning at about 9AM, went in the living room to watch some TV and fell back asleep til 11AM! I was awaken by John's cousin who lives in the apartment above us yelling telling us to wake up - so of course, now we are up!

We were going to go on the river (Mississippi), but John has to work @ 5 and I haven't seen him in about 3 days cuz he's been working days and nights, so we're gonna hang out til he has to go to work.

No big plans, I cleaned last night so I wouldn't have to today. Its already 87*, so we're off to go motorcycle riding with friends.

Have a wonderful Saturday!!
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Today is Dh's first day doing deliveries by himself! So he got up and went to work today. I've been cleaning cat fountains, cleaning the fish tank, cleaning cleaning cleaning!

But I did make myself french toast and cheesy scrambled eggs for breakfast while watching my allll time favorite movie! (without DH around to complain that I was watching it again!)

Now I'm gonna finish cleaning (still not done!) and then I have some plans for me and this computer!
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good morning everyone!

I am going to volunteer at the shelter today until 5 and then we are going to buy some fireworks I think. I hope everyone has a great day!
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Some friends of ours decided that we have lived in our new house long enough and called a house warming party over here today. I'm not even sure when they are coming over, but I'm prepared with ribs, oriental cole slaw, brownies, crab dip, baked beans and other snacks. I think we'll have about a dozen people or so. Got my bathing suit on already in case they show up (we have a pool and a lake behind the house).

Just taking a break from cooking and cleaning and stopped in to say hey. Hubby is out buying ice.
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Happy Canada Day!!

We are still sitting around trying to get motivated to go and do something. We went to see a baseball game last night and we plan on doing some sunbathing for the rest of the weekend.

Have a great long weekend everyone!!
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Just watched England lose on penalties and am going to the Canada Day celebrations by the lake later on - other than that - pure lazyness is planned
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Good afternoon all!! Hope everyone has had a great day, and will have a super evening. I am trying to get my daughter to take a nap, so I can rest as well. We have been gone since 9 am and being in this 100* weather really can wear a person out!!!

Yippy! Shes down for the count So I am off to take me a nap! YAY!
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My mum n dad came back from their holiday in sicily!
I had a horrible hang over this morning, i drank off my limits last night

Now im just relaxing its really warm here!
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Happy Canada day everyone!

Today is mine and Dh's 1 yaer anniversary. We went to a drive in movie last night ( saw 3 movies: superman returns, the lake house, and poisdion (sp??) and didn't get home until 4:30am. Phone the cops on my neighbors at 5 am (still parting) and then finally got to sleep at around 6am.

We are having chinese food for super (maybe, i don't know if I wanna eat fast foody type food (I've lost 5 lbs so far)..I might have a chicken breast instead) and renting our favorite old movies and then watching the fireworks tonight down by the river!

I hope you all have a great day!
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Well I'm sort-of sad today.

I got my hair re-dyed. And I wanted it to be a tad lighter than last time, but it's actually darker. Oh well, it's still super cute.

My daughter is covering me in Elmo stickers right now as I speak. lol.

I wanted to take her some Fireworks tonight, there's a huge thing going on a couple miles away. But I have to be to work at 5:30 am tomarrow morning. So I wont be able to take her.

I have to work the next 7 days in a row. bleh...AND I'm going to miss our traditional july 4th parade, because of work. This is ridiculous. So sad. It's just cuz I'm the new girl, and everyone else requested off. bleh bleh bleh!!

Off to clean the house
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I have tomorrow off and well, I have to work Mon, and Tues when the fireworks are going to be going off. I hate loud noises so I really don't mind not being able to see them. The only thing I am worried about is the kitters. Luna gets so nervous when there are any loud noises and ends up in the basement, Isis, Twig and Rocket don't seem TO effected, but they don't seem to enjoy it very much so I hope they will be ok until I get home. The neighbors will be out in full force I bet and playing that garbage they call music and partying, until all hours of the night. I don't mind them but when they are together, they are a loud obnoxious bunch. I just hope they don't set off firecrackers like they did last year. It about scared me and the cats out of our skins!
Oh well, I've ranted enough, Have a great 4th everyone. Stay safe!
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I'm back on one of my own computers. The cable guy came and hooked my Mac up as well as left me the cable box for the TV... the movers came by... but refused to park on the street... and apparently aren't good enough drivers of a semi to maneuver it within the apartment complex's parking lot.. oh bother.

they'll be back... after renting a smaller truck and putting everything in it... they had better not forget anything or break anything... I'm already not giving them a tip... they haven't deserved it!!

It's a long story, that one... one that spans several days, not just today... and since this is the daily thread... I figured I'll just put what's happened so far...

today has been just another in a week of frustration... they had better return today... if not, nice and early in the morning... but I'd rather see them back here tonight... I WANT MY BED!!!!!

the cats are frazzled today... because I moved everythign into the bathroom... to keep them in there while people are around... no hiding under the covers today!

More later... once I'm sitting in an actual office chair and not my camping chair.

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