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Thursday's DT

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OMG - this day is dragging! I am in a training session and the trainer is horrid. He keeps contridicting himself. He gets defensive when he is questioned. The only thing that is keeping me sane today is TCS and e-mail. I still have to more hours to go! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I am trying to type quietly so I don't get caught surfing! Fortunately we are using our computers so I can alt tab to what I need when I have to.

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Another hot day - 101 and rising I seem to have dead critters, laying about my house. Swing shift, today. I'll, only get about 10 minutes to spend with Bill. My son, Mark and Samantha have, finally, set a wedding date: Sept. 13. Semi-dressy, family and close friends, only. This gives me an excuse to buy a new dress. Bill says that he'll wear whatever I tell him to. I like a well-trained man. Actually, he doesn't have a clue about clothes but, he doesn't want to embarrass M ark or me. Gotta love that! He's, even willing to wear a tie. He hasn't worn one, since he got out of the Air Force, in 1968. Have a good one, all!
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Hi, Adrienne and Cindy! Adrienne, the only news I have is that Bodlover was here this morning; her boss called her in for the day. She has been knee deep in remodeling the new house. They're tearing down tile, lifting carpet, removing wallpaper, painting-you name it! She can't wait to decorate; that's the artist in her. She's cheerful about all the work because of what comes next! She'll be back on the 3d. of July. I wish I could brighten your day, but it's rather slow here too! (Where is everyone? We're here!) Oh, Debra Myers said she will be on the next jet over to England with a kitten. Weren't you going to get tickets? Let's wait until all the work's done!
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I'm here too I've been popping in and out. There are some major changes going on here at work and I was pulled into a meeting. I had a talk with the President/CEO the other day about how I am utterly bored at the front desk and how I feel like my brain in turning into mush! The talk went okay I guess but there is this girl who has put in her resignation and they pulled her out of the meeting and put me in. Like I said, there are some major (and wierd) changes going on here. I've put my resume together and have posted it to Monster, Hotjobs and CareerBuilder. This weekend I'm going to start surfing the Sunday Classifieds. I really hate being a receptionist for this company because they give me nothing of substance to do. I think they want to try and change that since the girl put in her resignation. The thing is, I'm really close to this girl and I know why she did it. So, I'm not really looking forward to this.

It's cloudy here today, had a couple of scattered thundershowers.
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I am finally out of training and back doing my regular job. Jeanie - Bod entertained me this morning my playing e-mail tag with me. I tried to convince her to stay until I finished training - but she wanted to go home imagine that.
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Good day all! I've been poking around here on and off today. I'm trying to keep myself occupied with real work, but it's not working all that well. It's a project I pretty much created myself, so there's no deadline or anything like that.

Sabra - I'm sorry to hear about your troubles at work. Admin Assistant work is never very gratifying, but when a company doesn't even use you it is even worse. I hope things work out for you, even if it is going somewhere else.

Hubby started his new job on Tuesday, and he really likes it. The luck of that man is just unbelievable, though. He's been bugging me for years to get him a laptop, which I still don't know why he needs one. He only has 2 systems of his own, plus mine at home. Anyway, he comes home on Tuesday with a laptop that they are basically giving him. It had been sitting on the shelf, not being sold, for months because it doesn't have a power supply. All he has to do is odd jobs around the shop (picking up, organizing stuff) until Friday and it's his. And he found a power supply on Ebay for $35, which his boss is actually going to pay for. He'll be working for my laptop (same situation - same model of laptop without a power supply) next week. Don't know why I need one, but with that kind of deal who can say no?

Chin up, everyone. The day is closer to being over, and it's almost FRIDAY!
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Well, I was at a job shadowing for a school assingment. They sent me to an office here at school. They had me shred papers, put information on Excel, and fold flyers. Tomorrow I will be going to visit some office for another school assignments. I work today and tomorrow. I have a week to finish school! I hope I get a real job soon. Vocational Rehab is in charge of placing me somewhere.
Have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday.
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well, it's my day off and so far I've been to the vet with Isis and rocket(shots and yearly exams) Took a voided check in to my insurance company, dropped off a package at ups, had the cable people here 2 times, and got my car damage estimated... other then that, it's been a boring day..LOL!
WHEW I am tired!!!!! 8:45 is to early to get up when you work mostly nights...... the plus side is, I did 90% of the housework yesterday(aren't I smart??) so there wasn't to much for me to do housework wise today. Now with all the running behind me, so to speak, I can concentrate on some serious computer fun!:tounge2:
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I'm working at home today. It has been beautiful here in NC today. It's cloudy, but it's a nice 80 degrees. We will probably have another much needed rain tonight. I love watching thunderstorms over Onslow Bay. Have a great day everyone!
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