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hi reidrn,
I just read your story..sometimes I think our cats are the normal ones and we are the strange ones ! haha..
Wouldn't it be something if we had video to watch of our cats while we are at work...Nomar (my kitty) loves the shower thing too!! Now he has claimed my toothbrush..I got him one that I keep in bathroom...but now I keep mine away from him.. he only goes to it when I am brushing my teeth...go figure...when you are walking around your house does your kitty try to grab your butt? Nomar does that.. While I am walking from one room to the next, he will come from behind and jump and grab my butt...he's a little instigator...
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Funny you should mention the toothbrush... my cats steal my nailbrush when I'm trying to use it. Both cats grab at my legs and butt when I'm walking. If I try to walk faster it just makes it worse. What I wouldn't give to watch my cats when I'm not home. Maybe then I'd learn where all their toys are hidden.
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I laughed so hard reaqding some of these posts....especially the kitty in the ceiling, Blinc...that must have been SO funny!! Trixie used to get the "rips" after using the litter box,too, TwoCats. It was the funniest sights she would use the litter box and then tear about the house like she was the happiest cat in the world..it was only after a smelly dump, though...we sort of figured she was really feeling good! We once had a cat named Booger who would sleep on my head at night and not only kneed my hair, but get his claws so tangled in my hair he would pull my hair and wake me up. K.C. also howkls when I am in the bathtub or shower. He hates water, and I always thought he was sort of worrying about me. A little reassurance always helped.
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I was visiting a friend one day and I was petting her sweet kitten. I discovered there was an elastic band around the kittens neck. I guess one of my friends kids had put an elastic band around the cats neck and it was digging into her neck as she was growing and it was getting very tight. My friend took it off. There was a scab all around the kittens neck, but she was ok. Thank God I was there that day and noticed.
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My name is Tiffany and I'm new to the forums. I have one dog and 2 cats: Anika and Adam. They are littermates; Anika is a red tabby and Adam is a cream tabby. I found them on the street when they were 2 wks old, after they were abandoned by the mother cat. Anika is the Alpha of the two. She is quieter, and squeaks rather than meows. If I had known, I would have named her Squeaky. lol Adam is the more talkative and active of the two. He gets into a lot of things; my favorite name for him is "Bada**."

Anika's latest "trick" is to sleep on top of my computer monitor while I am writing. She has never done this before, and started it a few weeks ago. She also likes to hunt and "kill" the sheets on my bed while I am changing them. Please note that she is 16 lbs, and it is rather difficult to change the sheets while she is lying on the.

Adam likes to chew plastic bags and rubberbands, preferably VERY early in the morning to wake me up with the crackling sound. I keep telling him that I will not take him to the vet if he gets a bowel obstruction, but he doesn't listen. LOL Adam's other favorite pasttime is head-butting me.

He and Anika also like to chase balled-up paper balls.

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Hello nemesis94
After reading your story be prepared for comments about your Adam and the plastic bags and rubber bands...thats not good. I would hate to hear something happen to him...never mind about the Bowel Obstruction. He could choke...and if your not home when he plays with the bags and rubber bands he's helpless...I know you want him around for early morning wake up calls (haha)...maybe you can make him some toys?? My kitty Nomar loves a toy I made him. I took a small toy and put it in a sock. I tied it to a thick piece of material. He loves it.
He carries it around and flings it into the air. Also I took a child proof aspirin bottle and filled it with rocks and he loves the noise it makes when he rolls it around the floor.. Nomar plays with the hand made toys more then the store bought ones. I'm sure you will find something that interest him but won't harm him...Be creative!! Let me know how it goes...
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I was able to read through everyone's kitty habits and I am happy to hear that my cat kisses is not the only one that finds it absolutly necessary to sit on my lap while I am sitting on the toilet. At first I thought it was that he just liked to be on my lap, so I would put the toilet seat down and wait for him to come running. No kisses. But the minute that I need to use the bathroom, he is waiting to sit on my lap and love me. I have a cat that now spends most of his time outside that would run to get in his litter pan the minute someone would use the bathroom. Debby and her husband had come over to my house for the fourth of July. Because Debby wasn't familiar with my house, and there wasn't anyone in the house anyway, she would leave the bathroom door open. The minute she would sit down, cloud would go use his litter pan. He did this everytime. To make it all a little worse, he would look at you like he was saying, look at me I can use the litter pan.
Of all the little things my cats have done and are still doing the worst source of irritation for my husband is that kisses is a toilet paper designer. He will shread a roll faster than you can get to him to stop it. Generally we end up with about half a roll left when he gets done. His greatest source of pleasure is when he is able to dice it into a million pieces.
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Tiffiany, be very careful with your little guy and the plastic bags. I won't harp on the subject but it can be real bad. My 24 lb Oreo (yes, he's gained weight) is terrified of any bags, but especially plastic. Mony on the other hand, (I think she does it to torment him lol) loves her bags. I have to make sure everyday before I leave that they are put away. So far she has gotten her tummy stuck in the handles twice. Luckily, I've been there to release her, but I hate to think what she would do to herself trying to get loose. It's easier on my nerves to do the double check in the morning and before I go to sleep at night.

I am so happy that everyone is sharing these habits. Maybe the cats are the normal ones ????

Gotta love 'em!!!
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Shannon, what a cute story..
When I am changing my kitty, Nomar's litter box he watches every move I make...I use the flushable type sometimes. Nomar will stand against toilet bowl and when I flush he watches it until it's gone. Then looks at me as if to say where'd they go?? LOL...
One day I caught Nomar sitting on toilet seat. His front paws going a mile a minute at the TP...I couldn't help but laugh because I never saw him do it before. He looked over at me, stopped what he was doing, then went back to it, as if to say "don't bother me I'm on a roll"...excuse the pun..LOL... He reminded me of a hamster on a wheel, exercising away!!
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I've been owned by cats for the last 35 years and each one had/has a different personality. There was George who loved to ride in cars (that's how I got him and how I lost him). He would complain loudly if you weren't out of bed at 6 and in bed at 10. His litter box was in the bathroom and he would have to go when I had to go.
Shamah played bathtub hockey with the plastic lids off saline solution. She would also carry any food that she could get to the tub. Once we came home to a pkg of hotdog buns and a bag of grapes in the tub and a head of lettuce on the bathroom floor. She also got high on Pine Sol and would lick it and roll around. We would shut her in the bedroom while the Pine Sol dried. Shamah used to climb in the refrigerator. It was a nuisance, so one time my dh left her in there and said, "Remind me she's in the fridge". Well, much later we heard a muffled thumping. We couldn't figure it out. All of a sudden we remembered! She was ok but never got in the fridge again! She was part siamese and had the temper. If we did not feed her on time, she would stamp her front feet on the floor and screech.
Dummie loves my makeup brushes and milk jug rings and rubber bands. We are very careful with them, but she never uses her mouth, only her paws. Dummie has to look in all the grocery bags when we come home. She has to watch everything we do, cooking, showers, everything. She is a very good companion, often vocalizes her opinion of what we are doing. She likes to take walks with us.
BigBoy rattles or licks plastic to get our attention. When he wants to be fed, he will search the house for a plastic bag. We just found out he knows how to get bags out of the hall closet. He slides them into the bedroom at night and rattles them. He also loves to lick silk flowers. He sits up and waves his paws like a dog begging when he wants something. His favorite toys are jingly balls and balloons. My dh is a clown and when he is practicing balloon animals, there's BigBoy begging for a balloon. He plays with them until they pop. We are always careful to pick up the pieces.
Cinnamon is an odd cat- she doesn't play at all. She is always cold and can usually be found curled up in a blanket on the bed or my lap. She is the one who speeds through the house after a bm. She learns how to do things by copying the other two. It's fun to watch the lights come on in her head when she catches on. We had to start using cups with lids for our cold drinks because if we have water or iced tea she will drink out of the glass. We're not talking a little sip- more like a cow at a pond! She and her son, BigBoy, both love ice cold drinks.
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These are so funny :laughing2

Lily also loves to rub her face on anything she can get too. She loves emery boards, and loves scissors. Sometimes I'll be sitting on the couch watching tv and I will hear her growl, she will run into the living room with a pair of scissors in her mouth. I tell her not to run with sharp objects but she never listens.

It is kind of scary!
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My otherwise very quiet kitty will wait till that moment that I just start to drift off to sleep, get her fur mouse and start talking to it.

I don't know exactly what she's saying of course, but since she leaves him "guarding" the bedroom door. I suspect she's giving him instructions to act as a lookout while she tries to find a way out!
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My "dog/cat" Maggie is a sucker for a game of fetch. That is if she's not chasing her tail or drooling all over the place!

Her favorite game in the morning is to grab my feet/leg when I walk by--it's like she's been waiting all night for me to get up and give her something to attack! I try to be annoyed at her, but it's hard with those big eyes and cute furry feet!

This morning I woke up and there were 3 tin foil balls on top of me--they are by far her favorite toy. Funny thing is, I have no idea where she keeps them. I can't find her stash anywhere!! They just sort of appear out of the blue!

She has to be where I am all the time! I can never walk or go anywhere in my apartment without her following me--the poor kitty has been stepped on more times!! She keeps me company and I wouldn't trade her for anything--annoying habits and all!
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Mindi just reminded me of my cats. When we are playing "stick" (the plastic ones that use to have feathers and now just crochet thread), Mony likes to play "Cessna Kitty" (my son's name for it. If I start spinning or twirling it in a circle really fast (Cessna), she becomes a gray blurr. Oreo doesn't like to go that fast.
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My 8 month old kitten Misty will eat anything that looks like a string or thread or rope. I can't tell you how many times I have pulled shoe strings (that are still attached to the shoe!) coat strings (still on the coat!),etc. back up out of her throat. I am really worried because she got ahold of a bag of rubber bands and ate some. I saw them in her poop in the litter box so I am hoping all that she ate passed out. It was three weeks ago that she and her sister Ashes (I don't know if Ashes ate some too) got into them. Do you think since its been three weeks they are ok? Oh I didn't know how bad string, thread, rope. rubber bands etc. were for them!!!!! You always see pictures of cats with balls of yarn! aaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkk! What do you all think, should I still worry? We kitten proofed the house for these and other types of things after I noticed how they ate them. There are many rooms in the house(kids rooms with toys etc.) where they are not allowed. We keep the doors shut. Sheesh I am worried!!!!!!!!
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If she's using the litter box regularly, eating and drinking and playing, then she's probably just fine. If you do notice any litter box problems (like constipation), loss of appetite or general lack of vitality she should see the vet ASAP.
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I keep the door to my sewing room closed all the time although Dummie likes to go in there occasionally and sleep (I suspect she likes to get away from the others). I do let her do that as she will not eat string or rubber bands, she just burrows into a piece of fleece and sleeps. BigBoy will eat string. My f-i-l's cat ate a long piece of sewing thread and it got wrapped around the base of his tongue. The vet had to cut into his stomach and go up into his throat to get the thread out. $600 and alot of pain for the cat. When I was a kid we let the cats eat the bologna strings and they passed them ok. I don't do that now of course.
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Thanks Anne for responding! Misty seems fine. Doing everything like usual, eating, using litter box playing, etc. I think she is ok. Whew I was scared!! Thank God for this forum! I am learning so much!!
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Odd Kitties abound in abundance. I am the co-owned slave of six of the cutest cats around.
Hube (pronounced Who Bee) is my neutered two year old tuxtom. He is a fountain of abnormality. My favorite neurosis in this cat is his "LINUS" Complex. As the name implies, a "LINUS" complex involves a deep, almost unnatural attachment to a blanket (or blanket type object). Hube's attachment is to a white queen sized thermal-weave blanket. He will pull this blanket from room to room to room. This is a large cat - 24 pounds, but this blanket is larger still.
Hube can shift his attachements from blanket to blanket, but the white one is his most favored fetish.
Toys, socks, scrunchies I can all understand. Their light and portable. Hube can spend upwards of 20 minutes getting this blanket from the dressing room to the living room to the kitchen and back - he follows me about, blanket in tow. Why, Oh why, Oh why????

I always welcome insight and analysis into the feline psyche.
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Oreo loves to go in the refrigerator! Ever since he was a little kitten, he would RUN to it every time I open it. I'm not home much, so the fridge is pretty empty. He used to grab on to the shelves and I couldn't get him out. He used to go in one small shelf, and now he is so big that he tries to get in there and can't!
Piglet does the funniest thing when she is cleaning herself. She claws at whatever she is on while she bathes. Then the claws stop, and her tongue is still going! Imagine a kitten lapping up milk as quick as possible-now picture it lapping the air! If you don't disturb her, she will do this for minutes!
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My Napoleon drags blankets and sweaters around too. His motivation is less Linus, more Casanova. Despite being neutered, that tuxedo pervert of mine humps knit objects from one end of the house to another. He especially enjoys doing this when my mother (a very religious woman) is around.
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Hi O&P and alexnell, glad to hear I don't have the only fridge lover and blanket lover around. Only my Mony loves the fridge, she "hugs" it (standing up, one paw on the side the other on the front of the door) when I walk near it and stands up on the bottom of the inside when I open the door. Have to be careful not to shut the door on her. My Oreo is the blanket lover. He doesn't have one favorite - it's my entire bed.

My sister at one time had four cats. One of hers actually got shut in the fridge for a couple of hours (like 2). She was ok, she ate about 4pounds of a cooked roast while she was waiting.

i just wouldn't advocate that for my cat. Heaven help the litter box and kitty's tummy. My sister said the cat was okay with no problems. Go figure!

Good luck!
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My cat with the Linus complex aside...I do have a cat, my newest, Sara 6-Toes who does indeed hump my sweaters, socks, other cats etc. My family are all staunch Protestants whose presence provokes my little cats lust. The best of course is when the object of her desire is some object of my protestant families clothing. My step-mama had a lovely fauxfur collared jacket that my dear little Sara could not resist, even when Step-Mama was wearing it.

Leaving now.......must......laugh...hysterically.......till passed out......or maybe.............seizure...........
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Napoleon is glad to know he is not alone. Maybe we could start a support group.
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What do you call a support group for people who's cats, uh, do what our cats do ????

I know, I know, this sounds like the set up line for a really bad joke

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Suppose we better nix the support group idea.

I have another strange cat behavior I just witnessed. Felix, one of my foster kittens, was sleeping on the floor quietly when all of a sudden he squeeked loudly and flew straight up in the air about a foot. He landed on his feet (of course). Then he laid back down and went back to sleep. I think he had a bad dream, because all of his siblings were asleep, too, and couldn't have bothered him.
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Wow, what a cute thread!!!

My cats aren't as weird as some of the ones you guys are talking about! My boy Pepper MUST rub his scent back on my face after I take a shower, and if I go in any room and shut the door, he will lay down in front of the door until I come out, but if I'm easily available to him, he will leave me alone. His new quirk is to stay and guard his new kittens if their mommy wants to leave for a bit. He'll sit in the bathroom and stand guard.

My girl Honey talks more than any cat I've ever seen. If I talk in a voice matching her pitch, she will talk right back to me. I wish I knew exactly what she was saying! She will also steal bottle caps (Like off a bottle of soda) and walk around the house with them in her mouth. When I moved out of my apartment I found tons of them that she had batted under the stove. She also is the first to find when a roach wanders into the house and torments them until they die. After she is done, I find little roach legs all over the house. Very gross.

I just wish they would play a little more. I bought a fishing rod toy for them and they just look at it and sniff a little. Honey will follow it if I drag it through the house, but never attack. Maybe once her kittens start to stand on their own, she will teach them how to play and the toy will come in handy.

After hearing so many of you whose cats love those little toy mice, I think I'm going to buy some for Honey, who loves to carry things around in her little mouth.

Thanks for sharing those stories! How cute!
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Muffy's a pretty calm cat, but she MUST rub herself all over my husband's feet when he gets home from the gym. And he goes to one of those hold-in-the-wall, no air conditioning, hard core gyms, so he's REALLY smelly when he gets home. Muffy just loves those smelly feet!

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Smelly Feet?

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My kitten attacks and drags around the house, a black and white stufffed cat I have. I have many, many stuffed teddy bears around the house but he will only go after the cat. It is like he knows that is a a cat. Go figure.
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