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another really cute thing: when my 7 year old black cat dusty was about 1, i was washing my hands, when she jumped up on the sink. the water was running and i flicked my hands to get excess water off. dusty put her paw under the running faucet, got it wet, then shook her paw just like i had my hand!! that was so cute!
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Originally posted by misskitty5864
yes kittykratz, my cat loves emery boards, and he also loves sharp objects (4got to mention this) if i'm writing, he'll rub his head on the eraser or the pencil, or somtimes he'll try to rub on wooden sticks or anything else, so i get a blunt object he can rub on.
My cousin had a cat who loved to have lotion rubbed on her paw pads. She would go totally limp in their arms while they massaged lotion on her feet!
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Illusion; That one about lotion on the foot pads beats anything I have ever read or heard. I would love to see that! What did I tell you? You have some interesting stuff to share ......
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My cat Lily only responds to kitty kitty! She is so crazy! She loves the toilet! I can not go in there with out her! She waits till I flush and watches it! Also when I am sitting down if I have shorts on she nibbles on the underneath of my thigh! Oh and she loves the cabinets! She is all the time pawing them open and closed, but if I leave one open she jumps in and goes wild! She also loves the fake mice! I was bringing the groceries in the other day (brown paper bags) she was jumping in them to see what I had. I can not put anything on my counter. If I do she pats it with her feel until it hits the floor. She also brings me her food bowl when she is hungery! After I take a shower she walks in and shaks her feet, but she does it every time!
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I'm glad to read that someone else has a very curious cat. Nomar my kitty is like my shadow..When I take a shower he comes running in and will sit on the toilet tank until I am through. If I am at the sink he is right there watching every move I make. I don't shut the bathroom door because that is where his litter box is. I always want it available to him. When I am in the kitchen cooking he is there laying by my feet. Even when he is sleeping, if I go into another room he will wake up and find me and stay with me. One day I went to clean the closet and had boxes of clothes. I thought good he's in the other room. I went to start cleaning and found him in one of the boxes staring up at me...Go figure..There's never a dull moment in my house.
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RedHead Hon, isn' shower time fun?? It's to the point now where my two will try to race up the stairs to get to me in the bathroom (any time, not just bath time). Oreo wants to sit on the sink and drink from the faucet, Mony thinks she's too good for that and has to have a paper cup rinsed out & filled for her. It has to be rinsed even if I just take it out of the box. She also wants me to hold it up for her.

I've had to admonish them for hissing and swatting at each other over the top of the sink. I have a single vanity and Oreo's rear end takes up over half when sitting and he has to "scrunch" up some if he trys to lie down. Mony, on the other hand, takes up very little room sitting and can stretch across the top with no problems.

You say your cat follows you everywhere and I know all about that, mine do also. Does your cat every walk in front of you (especially when you are in a hurry) and just slows to a snails pace or suddenly stop in front of you? I can't tell you how many times I've almost broken something or my neck to avoid running into her.
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Hi TwoCats,
I think our cats are related (haha).
When Nomar is at the sink he will lick the water from the sink. What I did was, I bought a fancy looking soap dish and placed it on sink filled with water. I thought thats much better then Nomar licking sink, but no go. Nomar pushes it into sink and spills water out everytime. One morning I left the doors open on shelves above sink and when I came back into bathroom all I saw was Nomar's butt sticking out. He managed to squeeze in half way. He has to investigate everything! Yes I experienced a few times of almost tripping over him. He'll get in front of me, take two steps then stop. Sometimes he will even roll on carpet and when I'm taking a step all I see is his black stomach laying there...he's too much !!!
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Wow! I thought our cats were a bit odd, but after reading these other posts, I'm beginning to think they're more on the normal side!

I think the funniest things two of our cats do, involves the living room celing fan. They'll walk to the center of the living room... happen to look up at the fan, which has a mirror behind it. Evidently they see the "other" cat up there on the ceiling, flickering in and out between the fan blades. They'll sit there with their heads doing that circular motion, which has my husband and I rolling of the floor! But, after about 5 minutes... either all the eyeball/head rolling gets them disoriented OR they just can't figure it out - but they'll start freaking out. They'll hunker down... then slink off to the side, all the while keeping an eye out for that cat on the ceiling. Then they'll run off. Come back and skirt the edges of the room, to stay away from the cat on the ceiling. About an hour or so later, they forget all about the "other cat"... and everything's fine for about a week or so. Then, the process will start all over again. The weirdos.
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Strange critters! My Siamese used to love to lick my face after I put on Noxema. I had a difficult time keeping her away from my face. One day the door to the walk-in closet was accidentally closed and she couldn't get to her litter so she simply sat on the toilet seat and did her business in the toilet! My room-mate couldn't believe her eyes! Now if we could just teach them to flush!

Our Simba has to sit on my lap whenever I go to the bathroom. He curls up on my lap and hunkers down for a nap! In fact, no matter when I sit he has to be on my lap. He loves me gently caressing his paws as he sleeps and he loves to be kissed behind the ears. When I read the paper he curls up on the paper with his paws over my arm and settles right in for a nice nap while I hug him close to my body.

Doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy?
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Speaking of the ceiling fan...

When my two pedigreed Siamese were babies, they would also watch the fan with interest, even with no mirror behind it...Well, one day, I kept hearing grunts and rowls in the living room only to find both of them jumping up in the air like a couple of jumping beans trying to get to the fan as it turned. Calypso even put herself way up on top of the mantle to try and jump up at the fan blades.

Silly cats...I guess that is why we love them so much.

Gaye and the Gang
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What is it about sitting on the toilet that makes a cat want to sit on you? My little Meathead does the same thing. He just makes himself right at home and takes a nap on my lap!
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well my cat nibbles on my legs when I am using the restroom like she is telling me to hurry! She also goes on rampages thru the house running from one side to the next! It is so funny because if she sees some one coming she slams on her brakes and slides to a stop to turn around and go the other way! She is very pregnant right now! Even watching her groom is funny because she is so big! Oh she also loves shoes! She will bite the laces and take off running with them hitting everything in the way! So I hear a thud thud all down the hall! I also have some clothes that tie up or have strings so when I am doing laundry she will grab them and take off thru the house with it!
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I think some of these stories are just so cute. the funniest think I have ever seen is one of my cats was watching a fly on the fly screen, he knew that the fly screen was closed and that the balcony door was open. He was sitting right in front of it. he got bored of the fly because I think he gathered that he was not going to catch they fly that way and the fly also knew that he was safe.

Well Jake thought of a better way to catch the fly. He backed up to the front of the living room and made a mad dash to the fly screen and *BANG* ran straight into it and his head went right the way through......after I had managed to cut the fly screen and extract his head and checked that he was not hurt I rolled all over the place howling with laughter.....I think it was the funniest thing I have seen.

He is not the smartest cat or maybe it is just curisoty (sp?) that gets the better of him. He fell in the bath while I was in it because he wanted to play with the bubbles and lost his footing.

I am sure that there are plenty more antics he has gotten himself into but I cannot think of any more at the moment.
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I just love reading these stories!!
Besides being fascinated with water Nomar has a thing for pens. He will take them and bring them into the bathroom where he plays with them. He swats the pens around then leaves them near vent. One day I went to find a pen and lo and behold he had about four of them stashed there. Nomar has intriqued me with his adventures since he was young. My all time favorite is a story I shared in other forum. When he was young he got into everything!
Plants,nick nacks and broke my lamps. I was so frustrated that I picked him up and told him please stop breaking mommies things..He looked at me and stuck his tongue out...I knew then this was going to be an unusual journey for me, but I wouldn't trade one moment of it...
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I have just remembered what Bagpuss does. She hides her toys in the washing machine for me to find. She is also totally awed with cardboard boxes and plastic bags she MUST get inside them and sleep!
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Kitty kitty is also facinated with boxes! She sleep in them for a few days then destroyes them so I will get her another like it is dirty or something! oh and if there is a hair in her water bowl she smacks at the water with her paw then shakes it off! She is so good at making a mess!
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Amanda's cat... aaagh! Head through the screen... that is absolutely one of the funniest things I've ever read!
My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard!!
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It was also onew of the funniest things I haver also seen but as it happened I was in total shock - I was suprised he even contemplated this idea he is normally a very smart cat. He may have thought the longer the run up the harder he'll hit it and maybe he will go all the way through LOL
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They may just be related, My Mony has this problem with 2 pens I have. They are Christmas Musical pens. When I was sitting in the floor with them one day and doing some writting, I accidently activated the musio. The pitch must have really bothered her because when I took the cap off to bury under a pillow until it stopped, she attacked it - smacked it clear across two rooms and each room is about 15 feet long. Since then, I make sure the pens are no longer where it can bother her.

This is great with everyone telling about the habits of their cats. It does bring a smile and makes me realize mine are as normal as anyone eles's. Just like humans - each is a little different. Have to go - they are looking at my screaching alarm clock and ready to pounce.
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My kitty likes to put shoes on her head and run around the house. She also will dart from room to room and then meow at me to get me to run with her. She rolls over and over on the ground across the room, and sometimes she will stare at you for a while, stick her tongue out of her mouth, and then meow a few times. My kitty is a weirdo
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ALLoWeyo, after the tough day at work I had, reading your story about your cat and shoes made me laugh !!! How cute that must look. My kitty Nomar lately has this surge of energy when I return home from work. He runs through the house and yesterday he came running out of bedroom so fast that he bonked his head on the bar stool in kitchen area. Then he kept on going...
One time he was running the same time I was getting out of bed and he ran into my leg. He was fine but I had a lump and black and blue...He is like the Energize Bunny. He keeps going and going...happy to say he escapes with no injuries...
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I know I've shared tales of my cats earlier today, but I was just reading ALLoWeyo and RedheadHon. I remember one of the first days I had my two cats (they were just turning 10 & 5 when I got them). Oreo,5, was running around the house chasing Mony and ran into the wall, he didn't make the turn. Don't you know he did the same exact thing not 5 minutes later. Thank the stars, he's over that now.

Mony has a habit that will make you laugh. After she uses her litter box, she gets the "rips" meaning running through the house as fast as she can or she will get a running jump at my dining room table and try to take everything off it as she about falls off the opposite end. I was scared the first time I saw her do this, but she seems to enjoy it, I just watch to make sure I can catch her if she doesn't get stoppped in time. Only a week ago, we were having a little gathering at my house after work, so I rushed home to set things up. I changed the dining room tablecloth and the table was empty. My friend was sitting in a chair in front of the window holding Mony when Mony decided to jump on the table from across the room. It was her lucky day - my sister was standing on the other side and caught her as she went flying off.

Sorry its so long.
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TwoCats I needed to laugh thanks for sharing...When Nomar does his running if he runs into something and I go to check him he thinks I'm chasing him and runs faster. I decided to wait until he stops then see if he got hurt.. He has a habit of jumping from the couch onto the coffee table and ends up clearing off table and sliding off. When Nomar is on the couch if I am wearing a scrunchy in my hair he will take it out and run with it. I don't know what it is about them that fascinates him... When I told my cousin what he did she didn't believe me until she came over and he took her scrunchy out..It puzzles me about the things cats do for enjoyment??
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Just inputting again. Does anyone have a cat that has a really fluffy tail and tries to sit on your chest and wrap the tail around your face (especially when you are napping)?

Or how about one that will snuggle into your hair? I have mid-back length hair and Mony loves to snuggle with it if I have it down.

Sorry RedheadHon, neither one have tried to take my scrunchies yet out of my hair. However, if they are laying down where the cats can get to them they are "fair game" I make a hard effort every morning not to leave things like that down for fear that they may try to eat it and injure themselves.

Have you ever heard Jeff Foxworthy's routine on cats and what they eat and then what happens? LOL
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Hi TwoCats, No I haven't heard Jeff Foxworthy routine on cats. I'm sure its funny. As for my scrunchys, I get them away from Nomar otherwise he hides them. They are made out of thick material so I don't know if he would be able to chew them, but to be safe I always retrieve my belongings from him. He has a spot where he hides things..I often wonder why cats find certain areas of the house to "hide" things??...it's no secret to us but I guess they think so !!...
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My hair is fairly short. It comes to right above my shoulders! Kitty kitty gets on my shoulders when I am sitting and will chew on it! Sometimes pulling frantically! At this rate it will never grow out!
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Ash and Redheadhon; I am old and grey(almost all white) and my cats love to nestle in my hair. Maybe it is the smell of the shampoo or conditioner or such, or maybe they relate to it because they are covered with hair and wonder why we are not.

Whatever it is, I love the attention. Single old women will take a snuggle wherever they can find it. . . . .
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One of my former foster cats, Tubbs, was obsessed with my printer. He'd sit in front of it watching the paper come out. If I was on the computer but wasn't printing anything, he'd stick his paws in to see if he could get it to work. Sometimes I had to reprint my projects because he'd pounce on the paper as it came out and get it all scrunched up. I really miss that guy.
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Okay, I have to post my cats' strange behavior, too. My cats seem so normal after reading these stories. Maddie will only drink out of a glass or a teacup. She'll sometimes drink from the tap, too. Max jumps in the tub everyday before I turn the shower on. Both of them sit and watch me while I shower. While I'm at work, they steal my sweaters from the closet and make them into nests. Occasionally I catch them dragging the sweaters. I don't know how they carry something so heavy.. it's hilarious! Maddie attacks the paper as it comes out of the printer. She also licks my feet dry after I get out of the shower. I think she likes the clean taste. Here's the kicker. When I'm bent over brushing my teeth, Max sits on the toilet and bites my rear end... HARD!
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TwoKats: I have a kat who is developmentaly challenged named Bookey, but she is so-o-o-o-o lovable. She is the product of incest, but that is not her fault. It is mine because I did not know that males as young as 6 months "can do The Deed" so to speak. . . . . She is short haired everywhere but her tail which is bushy long haired so we nicknamed her "Squirrel Girl". Your story about your bushy- tailed cat reminded me of her. She is obsessed with water and will get in the tub while it is filling and keep backing up until she has no place to go and finally gets wet before she jumps out. She then runs into the wood-floored hallway and waltzes in circles and her wet tail leaves marks on the dry floor like it was a paint brush. I have always wondered if I could get her to do the same thing on canvas with paint on her tail. Maybe she would make me a fortune!
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