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It's just So many..........Too many

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It just doesn't seem right....Why? what have these little kitties done......Nothing.....So many in just such a short time..they were only 3 to 5 weeks old,,5 little kitties in 5 days,it is not fair .i'm breaking my heart tonight for the little babies who have passed and the 9 babies who are still fighting the horrible disiease.They are in the vets tonight
There has been an outbreak of Parvo-virus in the re-homing pens.
It is Feline Parvo-virus(panleukopenia).That has reared its ugly head and infected these poor babies
Please pray for the kitties that are fighting thhis.
they need aall the help they can
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I am so very sorry to hear this. RIP little babies, and fingers crossed that no more have to go due to this horrible disease.
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Awww Diana It's horrible that they have to be taken away so soon in their playful life

Their running happily over the bridge now with all the other TCS kittens and being watched by all the TCS cats

Sending (((((mega healthy vibes))))))) for the other little ones fighting this awful disease as well
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I am SO VERY SORRY for your losses! Such a horrible thing for perfect little kitties to be stricken by. I lost Garfield's brother Odie to parvo/distemper. Just heartbreaking.

I hope you are able to limit the outbreak. And that your heart heals so that you can continue to do the important rescue work.

I may be in the position of adding kittens from 2 different places to my current foster kittens. I will remember this post, and do what I can to protect them all. Thank you for the reminder.
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Thanks for the Prayers Everybody they seem to be working
Some good news today ,the remaining kittens came out of the vet today

They seem to be improving and hopefully they will have the strength to be able to get through this.

The kittens that died all came from the same litter.they will be cremated and their ashes will be scattered on the remembrance garden.

R.I.P. Little babies

We will be dismantling the pens this week, cleaning them and treating them to kill any
traces of the virus.
Thanks for the advice Susan and your friend Emma
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RIP littles - play happily forever.

I will keep those fighting this in my prayers.
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Diana that's brilliant news! Keep fighting little ones
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