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again i dont know if this is in the right spot but...

i was just petting Kitty's tummy and i felt some kind of fluttering... i was having my suspicions that she may have gotten out and she may be pregnant again but she didnt really start to grow all that much. she gained a little weight though. could this be a baby or does gas kinda flutter around too? oh gosh... this is bad....
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Normal gastric motility causes little grumbles and squeaks and ripples.

If she is unspayed, though, that a whole 'nother problem...
It might be a really good idea to go ahead and have that done.
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i cant because if she is pg that means she is seven weeks (about the time they start moving) and that is to far along for my comfort to have her spayed. i was planning to have it done in a few weeks though. i had no idea she was pg. she got out so i assumed she might have been but after a few weeks she didnt get very much bigger so i figured she wasn't. thanks for the advice!
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